29/12/2013 13:50

Review of MAC Sheer tone Blush Pinch Me

Ouchhh!! That’s how I felt when I was introduced to this blush by one of the SAs at MAC store in Phoenix Market City, Kurla. Pinch me!!! Is that really me with that natural looking flush on my face and yes I don’t look like a clown when I have the blush on! MAC Pinch me Blush is a sheer tone...


09/12/2013 20:11

Comparison Between The 3 BB/CC Creams I Have Used So Far

This post is going to be biased towards dry and warm skinners. Attributes L’Oreal True Match BB Colorbar Perfect Match  BB Lakme CC No of shades 3 3 2 Type of shades...


18/09/2013 17:56

Review of Inglot AMC Pressed Powder

  I have been longing to write about this product for so long. Post its purchase, which happens to be 2 months back, it’s become a consequential part of my daily make up. Though I am dry-skinned, I use a puff of pressed powder here and there on my face to even out my tone, to control the oil...


11/09/2013 11:14

Review and Swatch of Colorbar Cheekillusion Blush- Coral Craving 009

Remember I told you I was at the Colorbar store for an impulsive shopping and I ended by buying an Orange shade Lipstick (Citrine 040- reviewed here) and a Coral Blush. So I decided to review the Blush after using it for 2 weeks (indoors + outdoors). I admit I am not a Blush person. I am an “eye”...


03/08/2013 11:27

My Daily Skin Care Regime

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man perfect & wise”, is old now. Let’s see what the new ones say- “Care before bed, care after rise, makes a woman beautiful & nice”. Folks, I am no Kareena or Jolie to share my secret recipe of beauty. But this is just to awaken those lazy bums like...


18/07/2013 21:00

Reviewing Inglot AMC Cream Foundation

One my worst make up nightmares is looking patchy and caked up due to an unfit foundation. After applying my make-up goodies I often fear of looking like a “Raamleela” performer. In order to get rid of my paranoid I am in constant search of good foundations that’s best suited for my dry and dusky...


14/07/2013 20:11

Reviewing Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash

Saturdays are generally meant for evening outings or small party at home with friends. But the latest one that just went by was completely different and something my Husband absolutely hates to the core- Monthly Grocery Shopping, as if I am the one who is going to eat all that Aata, Rice, Daal,...


10/07/2013 16:08

Reviewing Fab India Tea Tree Skin Toner

We all have our set views and beliefs. Lot of times we get too adamant about them and prefer sticking to them and on top of that ignoring the best ones meant for us. It’s no surprise to me that I am also one of those creatures who at times get self obssessed with ones own ideologies. I had never...


07/07/2013 23:36

Reviewing MAC Face & Body Foundation

I know you have already read so much about the MAC Face & Body Foundation that this write-up would seem very obvious to you. But believe me the wonders that this foundation has done to me, I owe at least one post to it. My Verdict:  My quest to the most perfect foundation ends here. From...


05/07/2013 17:45

My Collection of Painting Tools

Make up Brushes