My Daily Skin Care Regime

03/08/2013 11:27

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man perfect & wise”, is old now. Let’s see what the new ones say- “Care before bed, care after rise, makes a woman beautiful & nice”.

Folks, I am no Kareena or Jolie to share my secret recipe of beauty. But this is just to awaken those lazy bums like me who have been negligent about their skin care. I am also frequently reminded by my inner self that I am on the wrong side of the twenties and hence, should start taking that extra care.

  1. Morning Face Wash- These days I am using Aroma Magic Face Wash for dry skin. You may find its review here.
  2. Moisturizer: L’Oreal Moisturizer with SPF-50- This one is highly moisturizing but I won’t be repurchasing it once I exhaust my stock. The reason being it perfectly suits girls with whitish complexion. Medium or fair skin tone. For Duskies, it seems to show a sheer layer which I dislike. I would go for BB Cream that would be either transparent or warmer in shade. Hence, my search is on and will update you the moment I find one.
  3. Make up to work is generally a Lakme Absolute compac, Lakme Eyeconic Kajal, Eye liner type depending on my mood (Bobby Brown Gel Eye liner/ Maybelline Gel Eye liner/ Lakme Absolute Liquid Liner), Rimmel Masacara, Lipliner & Lipstick/ Lotus Lip balm.
  4. Evening Face wash is no different from the morning one.
  5. Make up Remover- Inglot make up remover or Fab India Sesame Oil: Face Wash is just not ENOUGH. Most of the make- up products that we use these days is waterproof. They get removed only by a good oil based remover. No matter how tired you are please ensure that you remove every bit of make-up from your face. It’s also highly recommended to the brides to be. I did this mistake of sheepishly hitting the bed during my wedding saga. And the end results were disastrous. My skin got darkened and pigmented. I started looking like a raccoon. No matter how much you have to get ready and go to “Mama Sasur ke bete ke ghar” and “Bade Dadi ke beti ke sasural” please ensure after you are back, you have just wiped off the entire make up.
  6. Toner- Fab India Toner: Toning is an elementary part of daily beauty regime. You may find my toner review here.
  7. Night Cream- Forest Essentials Night Cream: I love to go to bed in a way that I feel fresh and smell good. A good night cream not only hydrates my skin during the night which itself is the best time for skin rejuvenation, but also makes me smell good and feels soothing. I would soon write a review of this night cream once I complete at least 2 months of using it so that whatever I write is genuine.
  8. Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel- I don’t have dark under eye circles but prevention is better than cure. So this I would say is a more of proactive action!

Will review it soon!!

Apart from the daily regime, once a week I scrub my face followed by a steam intake and then Forest Essentials Ubtan. I have stopped going to parlor for facials as I realized,

  1. They are costly
  2. Time consuming
  3. Non flexible
  4. Though the immediate results are visible on a long term the chemicals have darkened my skin.

Do let me know what’s your daily beauty regime or beauty secret…