Reviewing MAC Face & Body Foundation

07/07/2013 23:36

I know you have already read so much about the MAC Face & Body Foundation that this write-up would seem very obvious to you. But believe me the wonders that this foundation has done to me, I owe at least one post to it.

My Verdict:  My quest to the most perfect foundation ends here. From the very beginning I have been in search of a foundation that doesn’t make me look oddly fair and cakey but something that evens out my complexion, imparting smoothness and glow. And believe me there has been an absolute dearth of shades by the existing companies in India. I mean we have such variety of complexions here and the shades available in a range are either 3 or 4. “Bahut na insaafi hai”!!! Either it looked too fair (rather white is the word) or too warm on me. I bet you will find your shade with MAC Face & Body Foundation.

Secondly, it’s so runny when applied, that it doesn’t make you feel like dough unlike MAC Studio Fix Foundation, that is heavier and can make you look cakey. Because of the thin consistency of MAC Face & Body Foundation, it spreads out so evenly on your skin that you will fall in love with the smoothness. It’s advisable that you use a foundation brush for the application.

Third MAC Face & Body Foundation (unlike MAC Studio Fix Foundation) may not give you a complete coverage on the first layer. But if applied layer wise it gives a wonderful dewy charm and the desirable base.  I generally apply 2-3 layers.


  1. Use a foundation brush and always apply in the direction of your facial hair growth.
  2. Apply in layers
  3. Follow by powder if you have an oily skin but only on the places where it shines
  4. Irrespective of what skin type you have, always use a moisturizer. But this foundation is a boon for girls with dry skin like mine.

For my complexion, NC-5 was just perfect. Below are few pictures.

Below: On the left side the MAC SA had applied N5 and N7 on the right. I picked up the warmer ones (N5), When confused always pickup the warmer one.

Below: Looking cakey in MAC Studio Fix Foundtaion, guess that also can be cause of picking up the wrong shade by the Lakme artist.

Suitable for: All skin types

Price: INR 1700 for 50 ml (I know that’s a way too much, but its MAC!!)


  1. Available in multiple shades and you will definitely find yours (remember just like the old Asian Paints ad- “mera waala blue”!!!)
  2. Doesn’t dry your skin
  3. Spreads evenly on skin
  4. Doesn’t make your skin look cakey
  5. Evens out complexion and provides glow
  6. No fragrance
  7. Very convenient bottle with nozzle packaging

Cons: Too expensive.