24/11/2014 15:48

My Haul from Luxola.Com And The Website Review

A few days back I had taken a futile oath of no more online shopping. Lame…too lame!!! Just when I was almost successful I could find Luxola.Com selling international products to India and shipping for free of cost for orders above 2300 bucks. And then I saw Sleek, Wet and Wild, 3CE, Philosophy...


03/08/2014 14:25

PR: Deal of the Day – New Feature at Nykaa

About Nykaa.com : Nykaa is a premier online beauty and wellness destination. It offers beauty and wellness products for men and women at best prices. The products are 100 percent genuine and authentic, sourced directly from the brands.  Deal of the Day: Recently, Nykaa has included a new...


29/07/2014 16:17

Peep in My July ENVY BOX

Remember the old Onida TV ad??—The Onida man (Mukul Anand with horns) and the tag line- “Neighbor’s ENVY, Owner’s Pride!!” So the Envy Box always reminded me of that ad. Indeed its neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. Over a long time the Envy Box invite has been lying in my mail box with many...


29/07/2014 13:22

Review of Online Shopping Website “The Elephant Company.Com”

“Ghode jaisi chal..haathi jaisi dum..oh saawan raja kaha se aaye tum…chakdhum chakdhum” ??!! Till today I have not really understood what does the line imply……or probably the song is nothing but a premonition of “The Elephant Company” & its products!!! How cute is that name…The Elephant...


24/07/2014 22:50

Review of Leading Shopping Website Jabong.Com, What I bought & Few Things You Shouldn’t MISS on Jabong??!!!

“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” ― Coco Chanel Now you say why this philosophy??? Girls and Guys, I got promoted at work. Practically this is my first official promotion (barring the career jumps that I had taken during job switches) and the feeling is...


05/06/2014 15:52

DIY: Cleaning Accessories

Real Gold Jewelry (without stones): Rush to your kitchen. Takes 2 pinches of turmeric and few spoons of water, mix to get turmeric water. Put your gold jewelry in it (you may have to increase the turmeric water quantity depending on jewelry quantity. Keep them in it for 5-10 minutes. Use a...


01/06/2014 13:32

May Free Giveaway at Born Beautiful- Winner Announcement

Hello Ladies. How’s the Sunday treating you??? Some of you might have just woke up (oh ok,,,you are not as spoilt as me!) or preparing for the afternoon nap?? Whatever it is, I promise to make your eyes wide open for at least three of you!!! Yes, we have the three winners for the May Giveaway...


31/05/2014 21:23

PR:Announcement of the 'Great Nykaa Shopping Festival' from 2nd June to 4th June

So the countdown starts not only for the Giveaway Announcement on Born Beautiful but also on the super happening online cosmetic store Nykaa.com for their Shopping Festival. So who wants to go to the mall in the crouching heat, struggle finding a parking, shop in “bheed bhadakkam” and finally...


06/05/2014 22:28

DIY Jewelry Organizer: My Way

How many of you never find the other pair of an ear stud when you want to wear them the most. It happens to me all the times. And the worst part is not finding the back stud holder when you are already getting late for that morning meeting! Trinkets getting tangled with necklaces was also my piece...


04/05/2014 21:28

May Free Giveaway at Born Beautiful- Products and Way Forward

So girls here comes the main part of the May Free Giveaway after the trailer that I released on Friday.  You can check the teaser and detailed reason for the giveaway HERE. Just a flash back, I am doing this giveaway on the occasion of my Birthday month!! I have made an amalgamation of...


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