Review and Swatch of Colorbar Cheekillusion Blush- Coral Craving 009

11/09/2013 11:14

Remember I told you I was at the Colorbar store for an impulsive shopping and I ended by buying an Orange shade Lipstick (Citrine 040- reviewed here) and a Coral Blush. So I decided to review the Blush after using it for 2 weeks (indoors + outdoors).

I admit I am not a Blush person. I am an “eye” and “lip” person. Though off-late I have been experimenting a lot with blushes. So I thought of giving this coral blush named Colorbar Coral Craving 009 a try.

Company Claims: This talc free, silky powder contains a moisture balance formula that is easy to blend and keeps the skin smooth, hydrated and nourished for soft cheeks with just the right hint of color.

Price: INR 680

Shelf Life: 3 years

My Verdict: Colorbar Coral Craving 009 exactly goes by its name. In the pan it is somber coral shade with matte finish. On the cheeks it still looks warm coral with a beautiful glow.

Upon a close view, fine silvery shimmer can be seen. I am not in favor of anything shimmery on my cheeks, but this is worth ignoring as the blush gives such a subtle glow. A very little amount of the matter is required and gives good pigmentation. Though I have realized that I cannot go wrong with this blush, because even if I end up with a slightly more matter, the same can be blended well for to not to look goofy.  

The lasting power is average, say 4-5 hours on my dry skin. Guess, will be lesser for oily beauties. After 4 hours I generally require a touch up which I generally don’t do as I hate touch ups and leave things as it is. Believe the lasting power can be increased with a cream based blush underneath.

The product comes in a light weight plastic round box packed inside a paper carton. It’s very travel friendly but I suggest, please be careful while handling the container. As I feel, once dropped, the plastic would easily crack.



  1. Beautiful coral shade that adds glow
  2. Blends well
  3. Well pigmented, and one touch and there shows the color pop
  4. Light weight & travel friendly packaging
  5. Good buy given the price range


  1. Average Lasting Power
  2. Plastic container susceptible to breakage upon manhandling  

Will I recommend: Yes, it’s a beautiful shade that will flatter all skin tones and a must have shade for medium to dusky skinned. It’s also a good buy in the given price range.