Reviewing Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash

14/07/2013 20:11

Saturdays are generally meant for evening outings or small party at home with friends. But the latest one that just went by was completely different and something my Husband absolutely hates to the core- Monthly Grocery Shopping, as if I am the one who is going to eat all that Aata, Rice, Daal, Masalas, all by myself!!. To be honest, like other kinds of shopping, I enjoy the grocery one as well. So while crossing the personal care section, I came across two Face Washes that caught my attention. One was Lakme’ Face Wash- Clear Pores with Green Tea Extracts and the other was Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash for Hydration & Softening.

I shall review the former after a few days. For now, the last two words of the latter caught my attention and I was too eager to try it out. For the past two years my skin has been surviving on and loving the Lakme Fruit Blast (Strawberry or Musk Melon). But my recent inclination towards organic products has induced the desire in me to try and test Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash.

Company Claims: Aroma Magic Lavender Face Wash is free of paraben, soap, alcohol, artificial coloring & fragrance. It cleans soothes & refreshes skin with lavender extracts and nourishes it with ultra-whipped shea butter. The antioxidant in orange extract prevents ageing. It also shields the skin from minor irritations with the blend of lavender & rose essential oils.

Key Ingredients: Essential oils like Lavender, Rose, Orange and Shea Butter

For Skin Type: Dry Skin

Price: INR 80 for 50 ml

My Verdict: Aroma Magic Lavender Face wash comes from one of the trusted manufacturers of cosmetic products based on aromatherapy in India, in the medium segment. It comes in a translucent tube with flip flop cover. The graphics is very girly with pink flower blossoms. The face wash is light lavender color which the company claims to be natural and thin in consistency for a face wash.  It felt mild on the skin with refreshing aroma lavender on application.  It also created enough lather for a non-soapy face wash. In case a face wash doesn’t suit me, I breakout overnight. Also I need something that’s doesn’t dry my skin and feel itchy. So, I neither broke out nor did I feel itchy. As I am dry-skinned, I still felt the stretchiness after the wash. But I could sense the softness in my skin. Over all I am glad with the results.

The company claims a lot of things which I can no way validate or comment on, right at the outset. But for now, everything looks happy and gay!!!


  1. Contains only natural ingredients
  2. Doesn’t contain soap
  3.  Convenient packaging for travel
  4. Available in different sizes
  5. Didn’t breakout for me
  6. Skin felt soft and supple post usage
  7. Decently priced
  8. Smells pleasant


  1. Claims too many things to be verified and concluded
  2. Very thin consistency for a face wash, chances of dripping down.

Will I repurchase: Yes