Reviewing Inglot AMC Cream Foundation

18/07/2013 21:00

One my worst make up nightmares is looking patchy and caked up due to an unfit foundation. After applying my make-up goodies I often fear of looking like a “Raamleela” performer. In order to get rid of my paranoid I am in constant search of good foundations that’s best suited for my dry and dusky skin. After MAC Face & Body Foundation I turned to Inglot. Not that I am done with MAC, but your desire to look your best always leads to the next brand adventure.

So, here I was at the Inglot store (Phoenix Market City, Kurla) for a date with the foundations. Though I got tempted and bought many other products, but for now let’s only stick to “Foundation”.

Let me tell you I was totally impressed by the MAU at the Store. He had a Punjabi name, don’t remember though. He was extremely helpful with choosing the right shade and texture for me and doing my trail make up using various products. He used a foundation base to give a smooth texture to my skin, but as I said I will not get carried away and only stick to the Foundation review.

Inglot Claims: Vitamin E, peptides and special polyesters are combined with a unique silicone and gelbase to keep all skin types (especially dry) illuminated and moisturized. The foundation is paraben free and not tested on animals.

(I didn’t know this was suited for dry skin. It was suggested by the MUA when I told him I am dry skinned)

Variants of Foundations that Inglot sells in India (Mumbai):

  1. AMC Cream Foundation (recommended for Dry skin, available in 32 shades)
  2. YSM Cream Foundation (suggested for Oily skin, available in 18 shades). This one is priced as low as INR 950. Time to rejoice for oily skinned beauties.
  3. AMC Mousse Foundation (for all skin type, available in 8 shades)
  4. Cream Powder Foundation (recommended for long wear and bridal make ups, available in 15 shades)

Price: INR 1500

My Verdict: Love is the word to describe this. Inglot AMC Cream Foundation comes in a 30ml plastic bottle with a press nozzle and a replaceable cap. Convenient and hassle free packaging and ensuring that you don’t accidently take out excess of the product. The fluid is neither very thick nor too runny, but moderately thin in consistency. It gives medium coverage and one can keep building on it. The foundation is extremely smooth on the skin and brightens my face (mind I didn’t use the word “fair”). Layer 1 evens out complexion and gives nice dewy glow. Layer 2 or 3 can be built for more coverage. The foundation also kept my skin hydrated for 8 long hours in spite of being in an AC room. The brightness and glow lasts even longer. Though I never felt itchy or dry even after 8 hours. The foundation is an absolute super hit for dry skins.

AMC Cream Foundation comes in total 32 shades and a lot of them are yellow toned which is just perfect for Indian skin tone unless someone is those ultra-fair like a Firangi. I can guarantee you will find your shade here.

My Shade: MW103

Up: Swatch of MAC N5 (Pink base ); Down: Swatch of Inglot MW103 (Yellow base )

Left: Blended MAC foundation; Right: Blended Inglot Foundation


  1. I have observed that Inglot MAUs are any time better than MAC MAUs. I don’t know what but the MAC folks are extremely snobbish and don’t give good recommendation either. This is completely out of personal experience and opinions may change person to person.
  2. Unlike MAC stores which have yellow lights, Inglot stores have white lights. One should always test make up on one’s skin under white light. So if you are purchasing from a MAC store, ensure that you go out and check out yourself in any other store or area which has got white light.
  3. Always use a foundation brush for application.
  4. Do not use foundation with SPF if you are going to get clicked a lot. You will shine in the picture and people can probably use it as a mirror!!!


  1. As a whole Inglot foundations (the YSM ones) are cheaper than MAC foundations and give same or in fact better results in few cases.
  2. Medium coverage. For high coverage, layers can be built.
  3. Spreads evenly.
  4. Super hydrating.
  5. Long lasting.
  6. Paraben free.
  7. Not tested on animals.


  1. Pricey at INR 1500 but will last a long way as very less product is required.

Will I repurchase: The next one will be for my Sis.