DIY Jewelry Organizer: My Way

06/05/2014 22:28

How many of you never find the other pair of an ear stud when you want to wear them the most. It happens to me all the times. And the worst part is not finding the back stud holder when you are already getting late for that morning meeting! Trinkets getting tangled with necklaces was also my piece of talent once open a time.

I am probably a far more organized person than what I was a year back! A lot of it I owe to people around me and of course fellow bloggers from whom I have learned so much.

This is how store my Ear Accessories:

  1. Small Studs and Trinkets:

This is my favorite. I picked this from a local gift & utility shop. I find it so much more convenient to store these small items in Medicine Storage Boxes. They are also easily available at any local plastic shop. With this I need not open the entire case to locate the studs I wish to wear each time. Also, every pair gets to stick to each other. Most importantly, the translucent plastic ensures I spot the needed pair from outside.

  1. Chunky Ear Studs and Medium Sized Jhumkas:

As the Medi Boxes are small and can’t accommodate big danglers, I needed something similar but bigger. As I couldn’t find a bigger Medi Box, I went to the local “China Bazar’” (local plastic market) and looked around to find the nearest possible item. And guess what???! I found these-- Ice Cube Makers. Chuckle!

Though they don’t have individual lids, I am ok with them for now.

  1. Danglers:

I am yet to figure out a better way to store them, and you may please suggest me if you have some awesome ideas. Will be grateful. For now I store the dancing danglers in a box.

Please share your ideas too. After all the Internet is all about knowledge sharing (So deep!!!)




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