DIY: Cleaning Accessories

05/06/2014 15:52
  1. Real Gold Jewelry (without stones):

Rush to your kitchen. Takes 2 pinches of turmeric and few spoons of water, mix to get turmeric water. Put your gold jewelry in it (you may have to increase the turmeric water quantity depending on jewelry quantity. Keep them in it for 5-10 minutes. Use a felt too brush to scrap out the dirt. Wash in clean water. Pat dry. Twinkle!!!! But avoid turmeric if you have diamonds or any other precious stones on the jewelry.

  1. Real Silver Jewelry:

Take a felt toothbrush and some Colgate toothpaste. And brush your jewelry. Wash under tap water. Pat dry. You can 101% see the shine returning.

  1. Watches with Crystal Studs:

Someone said steam!!!! Yet to try.

  1. Footwear:

Baby Wipes!! Yes they do a lot of trick. Clean your fancy branded footwear both inside and outside by baby wipes. The baby wipes have just right amount of moisture that doesn’t leave water marks on your pumps!!

  1. Price Tags on Footwear:

Those price tags on sole of the shoe!! Even if peeled off they leave back the stickiness that attracts so much of dust and dirt. So what do we do?? Peel of the price sticker. On the sticky area apply some coconut oil. Wait for ten minutes. Wipe with a cloth or baby wipe. Ta da!!

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