My Haul from Luxola.Com And The Website Review

24/11/2014 15:48

A few days back I had taken a futile oath of no more online shopping. Lame…too lame!!! Just when I was almost successful I could find Luxola.Com selling international products to India and shipping for free of cost for orders above 2300 bucks.

And then I saw Sleek, Wet and Wild, 3CE, Philosophy and I could wait any further.

Stuff that I ordered:

I opted for make up this time. Next month I am going to purchase skin care as there as some awesome products available.

  1. 3CE (3 Concepts Eye) Lip Pigment in Issue- I wanted to always try an authentic lip pigment. They are supposed to be super long lasting, in fact, more than the dry mattes and looks more like second lips . Opted for 3CE as I had read good reviews about them. My own review will follow soon after I test it length and breath.

2. Sleek MakeUp Blush in Sugar- This is my first Sleek Product. Principally I should have ordered a nice Sleek eye palette. They are just super awesome. 1000 Indian bucks and you have great 10 color palette. The have an array of range. But I am taking a break in case of eye shadows…..Too many palettes and only a set two eyes J.  So I picked up this warm palette of three blush shades for my dusky skin tone.

3. Wet & Wild Mega Last Liquid Lip Color in Cherry on Top- I didn’t own any Wet and Wild either till now. I rather wanted their Matte Lipsticks called as Mega Last Lip Colors which were available at around 300 Rs. But desired shades were running out of stock. So I opted for these which is like the NYX lip gloss that turns matte. Well not too impressed by the shade when I saw it in person.

4. Wet n Wild H2O Proof Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black- Just wanted a pocket friendly pen liner sort of thing so decided to try this out.

About Luxola.Com:

“After spending a few years working in Southeast Asia, skincare-product addict Alexis Horowitz-Burdick discovered a lack of reliable and efficient e-commerce platforms offering a vast range beauty products within the region, and decided to step up to the task. Luxola was born in mid-2011.
Achieving the overwhelming support of both consumers and investors, Luxola has very quickly grown into becoming the #1 destination for beauty in Southeast Asia, serving customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Brunei, and the United Arab Emirates.

Luxola prides itself on providing outstanding customer service and swift delivery – as quickly as on the same day in many markets.Bringing the best brands from around the world to one accessible platform, and ensuring that every product is 100% authentic. Today, Luxola works with over 200 of the worlds’ leading brands and carry over 4,000 products.”

Luxola.Com Review:

Love, Love, Love..!!!  Luxola indeed stores one of the extensive range of International Brands, both in make-up and skin care. They have a lot of super Korean skin care stuff as well. They ship to India for free in case the order value is 2300 & above. In fact, I feel it’s the best website to immigrate Sleek Products to India.

The ordering process is simple and hassle free. They have a COD facility too and I opted for the same. It’s hardly that International Website give an option of COD.

Their claim of speedy delivery is surely their USP. I received my order on the 4th day!!!!

Overall I am surely going to dig more products from Luxola as I am very happy with them.



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