Why I Turned Invisible???

Out of sight of mind.. They say it right…..I know I have been total brat when it came to blogging. If you were following Born B on Facebook, remember, the last update??? I had to abruptly stop the September Look Book series as I headed to Kolkata in order to tackle a family emergency.

Well I had to prepone my flight tickets almost a week before the actual dates. While I was supposed to visit my parents during Durga Pooja, I left before the scheduled departure to look after them, as both of them were very unwell. Once I was there I realized my Dad was in a serious condition. The next day I took him to the hospital. On Day 2 I was told he had to be operated immediately as there was a critical intestinal obstruction and the CTs wouldn’t show anything. Endoscopy was out of option due to physical complications and kidneys were in equally bad shape. God, I still get goose bumps when I recall those days.. Every phone call used to make my heart run faster thinking what the news is coming from the other end. Mr. Husband and my sister joined me the third day. The surgery was done and the obstruction was removed. Post a 9 more days’ stint at hospital Daddy was discharged. I thank God for making me abruptly decide that I wanted to leave for Kolkata. I thank my sister for suggesting the right hospital. I thank the Doctors for diagnosing it correctly. I thank my Husband for being a moral support in spite of being away. I thank my boss (this is rare!!!) for being understanding and lenient. I thank each and every one who prayed for his wellbeing.

I didn’t visit a single Pooja Pandal except once when we had to go for the Ashtami Pooja at morning 6. But that didn’t stop me from wearing my new clothes that I had organized for the festival. Rather I wore a new outfit every day, put my best makeup and left for the hospital, to see my Dad…..After all, being with your loved ones is “Festival”. In spite of the big hitch we enjoyed every bit of our home stay. Togetherness compensates for every down side. And the Day Dad came back home, we got Biryani from “Ameeniya” !!!

I returned to Mumbai on 9th October and immediately joined back. office The piled up work and the stress kept me away from blogging , for that matter, kept me away from internet altogether!

Diwali again involved a small get together at Hyderabad with my in laws.

So now that I am apparently more settled I resume to my favorite space on my laptop. The Blog Folder.

Born B welcomes you all back. As much as I enjoy creating, I hope you enjoy reading & recreating.

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