Swatch Sushi- Revlon ColorBust Matte Lip Balms

Swatch Sushi- Revlon ColorBust Matte Lip Balms

There are movies on life of Doctor, Sailor, Wanderer, Jogger (Pun intended for the rhyme, I mean athlete actually), Roger (very funny, ok no Roger), but not on Blogger??!! Or is it there and I am just not aware of it?? Girls, let me know if there is any!

So if there is a movie on Beauty Blogger, what would you see?? Most of us would imagine the female protagonist (may be male too, see I don’t bias, though I am a hardcore feminist) waking up in the morning, getting ready for work, struggling clicking selfies for that one damn FOTD (ya no one comes for help ), reaching office, getting grilled, taking a time off and typing something for the blog, running for a client call, if time permits stopping for lunch and sneaking into a make-up counter and taking swatch pictures and some fine day writing about it. Phew!! No doubt there is no movie made on a bloggers.

So today is that FINE day. Yes, so one of these days I stopped over for lunch (actually I wanted to go to loo as well) at R-City. I had time for the next meeting so thought of checking the Revlon new launch.

Revlon Says:

"Velvety Matte Look. Moisture Rich Balm. A Matte finish that’s beyond plush. Balm that’s beyond comforting. Our Triple Butter Complex of Shea, Coconut and Mango butters nourishes lips."


INR 800 per 2.7 gm

First Look Verdict:

Revlon ColorBust Matte lip Balms have been finally launched in India along with its creamy series which is called Revlon Lacquer.

These are nothing but chubby lip crayons, which all the make-up companies these days seem to be launching after one another.

Both the range have 8 variants each.

I swatched all the shades from the matte range. The application is pretty creamy barring a few shades. The pigmentation is good and gives completely opaque finish on the second swatch. Let me tell you the end results are not completely matte but the velvety claim is indeed true. Surprisingly it also gives a cooling effect to the lips. I could feel it and asked the SA the reason. She said the lip colors contained menthol as the cooling agent. And this is my look out on the shades:-

(The colors look much better in person, this being a mobile pic doesnt do a justice to the actual shades.)

  1. Shameless: A deep plum purple shade for a gothic or a bad girl look (I am referring to Rihanna here) . Interested in experimenting, then go for it.
  2. Elusive: A pretty cool pink and definitely a dupe of MAC Twig
  3. Sultry: Terracotta Rosey shade, very similar to Inglot AMC Lip Pencil 23  or   Lakme 9-to f Scarlet Motive .  
  4. Standout: Tomato red but very sure shot wearable
  5. Striking: Brick Red. Not impressed with the texture though.
  6. Unapologetic: Neon pink similar to MAC Impassioned or Maybelline POW 2 & 4
  7. Mischievous: Candy Orange Shade just like the orange toffee we used to fight for during our childhood days
  8. Audacious: Neon Orange. Fair fairies would love this.

I didn’t buy any of these as I didn’t find them to be out of the box or very unique. I have more or less all the shades from other brands. Moreover they are super expensive. Though if you want to splurge, they are a good option to pamper yourself----- TURN STRIKINGLY MISHEVIOUS, SULTRY, AUDACIOUS,ELUSIVE and SHAMELESSLY UNAPOLEGETIC about it!! ;)

P.S: The top most Lip crayon picture has been borrowed from Revlon's offical site.

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