Europe Summer Holiday Outfit Post-Part 2

While the Part 1 of the Summer Holiday Outfit Post went on air last week I have been struggling to show you the part 2 of the post due to extreme time constraint. The week ended with office outbound at Mahabaleshwar. While it was extremely beautiful and rainy and reminded me of Cheranpungi where the clounds were so low that they were entering our rooms,  we had activities in rain that made us shiver like a kitten. Partied till 2 am and headed back the next day to Mumbai.


So here is the part 2 of the outfits I wore. While the previous ones were taken in Paris, Nice and Florence, these are mainly from Florence (Pisa to be precise), Rome and the return trip.


Day 10:

Location: Pisa

Pink Jumpsuit: Shopper’s Stop (also wore in the OOTD Here)

Day 11:

Location: Rome

Asymmetric Dress: Splash

Day 12:

Location: Rome

Red Crop Top: Forever 21 (It’s the same top I wore in Antibes, teamed with a different skirt)

Pastel Polka dotted Skirt: Bangkok

Day 13:

Location: Vatican

Brown Dress: Veromoda

Day 14 :

Location: Rome

Sleeveless Heart printed shirt top:

Blue tank top: Forever 21

(wore the same black tights that I had won on day 1)

Day 15:

Location: Rome

Floral Top: Forever 21

Lime Green Pants: Veromoda

Day 16:

Location: Lido Beach (missed out in the Venice Post)

Ruffle Neck Dress: Veromoda (the straps seen are the bikini straps)

Day 17:

Location: Nice (missed this too in the previous post)

Net & Lace Dress: Really don’t remember from where!!

Day 18:

Location: Rome airport

Lemon Yellow Collared Shirt Top: Shoppers’ Stop (same top I wore in Burano Island that I had teamed with a pair of shorts)

Black Two Zipper Tights: Shoppers’ Stop (you have now seen this many a times)


While you see this picture post I may want to retariate the styling tips for a Europe trip.

Outfit Tips for Summer Holiday in Europe

  1. Carry a lot of light dresses as they would occupy less space. I just carried one small strolly and a mini back pack. They also look more graceful than usual shorts and tees. Mind it Parisian women are one of the best dressed women I have come across.
  2. Short skirts and crop tops are also big thing this summer.
  3. Though Parisians love white and black, you can definitely go colorful while you are on vacation.
  4. Shorts and tops can be saved for beach towns and lesser formal environments.
  5. Jeans may not be a great option, but if you are pant person carry light weight tights or colorful pants that you can mix and match with different tops.
  6. Mix and match is the key. Will help in carrying less luggage.
  7. Carry accessory and shoes that would go with most of the outfits.
  8. Flats and ballerinas are great option for European vacation as you will be mostly on toes.
  9. Though summer, most of Europe turns pleasantly cold in the evening. It’s a good bet to be accompanied by a light sweater or pull over.


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