Europe Summer Holiday Outfit Post-Part 1

Two days back this was my FB status-

I'm not a bon mot person but this one comes from my heart- 18 days - officially four countries- with every city introducing me to a new tale...felt the paparazzi of Paris- the city of lights, soaked in the Mediterranean waters of Nice, walked by the endless French Riviera at Monaco & Antibes, romanced in Venice, re-read & absorbed the rich history at Florence n ancient city Rome, indulged in food orgasm in each of these places...And all these in the amazing company of Mr. Husband...while I have my next location already in mind, this surely was a trip of lifetime. Adieu!
p.s. Beauty n fashion culture mentally noted.....that will be surely up on my Blog. “

I couldn’t have explained my state of mind better so took it easy by repeating it here.

If you are following Born B on Facebook, then you would have guessed that the first post to air upon return would be an outfit post. 18 Days, 18 outfits!! (I shall divide it into two posts)

It was super bright summer time in France and Italy. While Paris was pleasant, Rome was probably as hot as Mumbai. Any Euro trip involves a lot of walking. The sun wasn’t too kind and 2 days at the Beach (Nice and Lido Beach in Venice) added up to the tan. In fact, I have tanned so much that currently I am 3-4 shades darker than my normal complexion and any lipstick I wear looks neon. Not only my face but my body has also tanned badly and turned scaly. I have to work really hard to get my complexion back. Do suggest me if you have some easy remedies.

Day 1:

Location: Paris

Crop Top: AND

Black Two Zipper Tights: Shoppers’ Stop 


Day 2:

Location: Paris

Printed Short Floral Dress: Forever 21

Day 3:        

Location: Paris (I also travelled by night train to Nice in the same dress)

Maxi Dress: Snapdeal (also wore in this Summer OOTD)

Day 4:

Location: Nice

See-Through Floral Printed knot top: Forever 21   

Pastel Camisole: Forever 21 

Denim Shorts: Don’t remember (they are more than 5 years old) 

Day 5:

Location: Day trip to Monaco

Halter Black Dress: Local Delhi Market, 3 years old so I can’t recall.

Day 6 (This happens to my fav) :

Location: Day Trip to Antibes

Red High Neck Crop Top: Forever 21

Printed Short Skirt: Forever 21

Day 7:

Location: Venice

Chinese collared Floral Dress: Globus (this one is an antique, 5 year old!!!)

Day 6:

Location: Venice

Net Crop Top: Forever 21 (also wore in this OOTD Post)

Blue Peplum Skirt: Bangkok (also seen in this post on Bangkok Shopping)

Day 8:

Location: Island Tour around Venice

Lemon Yellow Collared Shirt Top: Shoppers’ Stop

Tiny Green Shorts: Local Kolkata Market

Day 9:

Location: Florence

Black Top: AND

Off White Balloon Skirt: Bangkok (also seen in this post on Bangkok Shopping)


Outfit Tips for Summer Holiday in Europe

  1. Carry a lot of light dresses as they would occupy less space. I just carried one small strolly and a mini back pack. They also look more graceful than usual shorts and tees. Mind it Parisian women are one of the best dressed women I have come across.
  2. Short skirts and crop tops are also big thing this summer.
  3. Though Parisians love white and black, you can definitely go colorful while you are on vacation.
  4. Shorts and tops can be saved for beach towns and lesser formal environments.
  5. Jeans may not be a great option, but if you are pant person carry light weight tights or colorful pants that you can mix and match with different tops.
  6. Mix and match is the key. Will help in carrying less luggage.
  7. Carry accessory and shoes that would go with most of the outfits.
  8. Flats and ballerinas are great option for European vacation as you will be mostly on toes.
  9. Though summer, most of Europe turns pleasantly cold in the evening. It’s a good bet to be accompanied by a light sweater or pull over.

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