Smokey Green/ Grey Eye Evening Make up Tutorial

Smokey Green/ Grey Eye Evening Make up Tutorial

1. Apply an eye make-up base like an eye primer on the entire eye lid in order to cover the darkness. This will also help in lasting the eye shadow for a longer time and avoid creasing. You can also use a concealer.

2. On the out corner of the eye lid apply a gel liner with a pencil brush, as if you are making the symbol “>”.

3. Now blend the gel eye liner with a fluffy dome brush. Blend it inwards toward the inner eye corner along the crease.

4. In order to increase the magnitude of the smokey-ness and intensify the look, apply a black matte eye shadow on one third of the outer eye corner, basically within the “>”.

5. Blend it similarly as explained before.

6.Take a flat shader brush and apply the shimmery grey eye shadow on rest of the blank eye lid. Please ensure that you blend the color on the crease.

7. You can also highlight your brow bones and inner eye corners.

8. Apply kajal/ kohl to your lower water line.

9. With the pencil brush, line your lower lash line with the shimmery grey/green shadow on one third area and the rest by the matte black eye shadow.

10. Apply an eye liner on the upper lash line and then mascara to the upper & lower lashes.

11. Complete the look with a pair of falsies. This is completely optional though and here is the finished look.


Products used:

Ideas: You may team this up with any of your “that little black” dress for the evening. The look will also compliment your light English colored dresses like Beige or Nude!! Make sure you don’t highlight your lips too much, as you are focusing on your eyes.

P.S: I am not promoting any of the above mentioned products. Always try to use the products that are already with you. You can also experiment with the main eye shadow to give you various looks. After all make up is all about experimenting and figuring out what suits you the best!!

Photograph Courtesy & Putting up with my tantrums : Mr. Husband