Shopping Fiesta at Bangkok and Phuket- PART 1

Shopping Fiesta at Bangkok and Phuket- PART 1


If Phuket for me was about Pristine & Serene Beaches, Exciting Water Activities, Super Sexy Nightlife, Chilled Out Locals, Refreshing Chang & Singha Beers and Ultra Cheap Massage Parlors (one and half hour of foot massage which practically included your head, back as wells as arms, for just 200 Bahts, which is like 400 bucks in INR), Bangkok was all about SHOPPING!!

From malls to street sides, there is something for everyone. It’s a paradise which can even turn HUSBANDS into SHOPOHOLICS!! That’s the power of MBK, Indra and the underground market opposite to Central. Clothes, Foot wears, Bags & Clutches, Watches, Make & Skincare, Lingerie….I bought it all, and all for cheap as per Indian standards. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I also bought stuff for both set of parents, sister, sister in laws, brother in law, my baby niece and my friends. The stuff that I got for others have already been given away to the respective owners and I don’t have any saved pictures L. Nevertheless these are favourite from the lot of what I got for myself.

I have divided this picture post in two parts. Part 1 is about Clothes and Makeup/ Skincare. Part 2 has Footwear, Bags and other Accessories.

1. Aren't these skirts sexy and pretty at the same time! 3 were bought together for 400 Bahts=INR 800. Isn't that a steal? I wear them to work as well as evening parties. 




2. Tops- They are at various prices. I dont remember their individual prices but I was very satisfied with my bargaining skills in the end.


3. Skin Care & Cosmetics

I got these sparkle and nail art nail polishes. 

See that round container which says about nail paint remover. Got it from Boots. Its a stunner. It has thse 10 pre applied remover and rosemary oil. Just one pas is enough to remove nail polish from fingers of both the hands and toes of both the feet!!!! Super easy during a flight travel or those emergency situations. 

The face scrub and body scrub are also from Boots. Reviews coming soon.



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