Review & Swatch of M.A.C-Chilli

  Review & Swatch of M.A.C-Chilli

This shade has been in my drawer for so long until I was reminded by one of the beauty blogs that how beautiful this shade is.

I have been longing to write about it, but couldn’t resist further, particularly after I flaunted it in my yesterday’s office look. I wish we could get those Eyeliner Tattoo Stickers in India as well.

Coming to the lipstick, let’s check how this chilli-e stick swipes!!!


About MAC Lipsticks: “MAC became famous through the colours, textures and formulas of its Lipstick. From the signature matte finish specially created to work on the runway and in studios, their line has evolved to embrace an entire range of textures and formulas.”

Price: INR 980

My Verdict: MAC Chilli is beautiful matte finish lipstick which doesn’t feel like matte on my lips at all. My lips love the creaminess. It’s not at all dragging unlike many other matte finish lipsticks available in the market, under the same price range. It’s extremely smooth on lips and doesn’t end up settling in the creases even without a lip balm. Though, I prefer using a lip balm before any lipstick application.

The shade is brick red with a hint of orange. I have dark lips and the beautiful ting of orange is still visible. In fact, it’s one red shade that every red lover should have. It’s also brilliant must have for girls who feel shy to flaunt red lips but still deep inside want to have one. It’s the red that doesn’t go over the board. 

MAC Chilli is quite deceptive when in the stick. In the stick it looks like the red which has got blue/ dark under tones but on lips it’s just not the case. Rather it sticks to its name. Reminds me of the old English idiom, “Jaisa naam, waisa kaam”!!

The lasting power is also great. On my lips with the lip balm on, it stays for 4-5 hours and then fades slowly in a lighter shade. Post meals, the color still shows in a tinted version.

The packaging is convenient and travel friendly.

Overall I feel MAC Chilli will suit all skin tone types, but will fatter most the whitish or dusky angels.







  1. Beautiful red that doesn’t go over the board
  2. Suits all skin tones
  3. Extremely hydrating and doesn’t drag unlike other matte finish lipsticks
  4. Good lasting power


  1. Except price, nothing else really

Will I repurchase: This will last a long, in case I finish, yes!!! That’s the reason I guess, MAC Chilli is more than 20 years old!!