Review of Philips KeraShine Styler 45mm HP8632

Review of Philips KeraShine Styler 45mm HP8632

What do you do when you have poker straight hair and need to organize them without going to the parlor for a blow dry and splurge 1000 bucks every time. Simple. Bring Philips KeraShine Styler home. Read further to know more.

Company Claims:

Extra volume and shine- KeraShine stylerHP8632/00Philips KeraShine styler allows you easily create soft waves while caring for your hair. Heated 45mm barrel with Keratin coating secures long lasting results, and retractable bristles guarantee safe application.”

Technical Specifications:

Cord length: 1.8 m; Barrel diameter: 45 mm; Voltage: Universal; Swivel cord: Yes; Heater type: PTC


INR 2595 (availaible online as well as any leading electronic chain like Croma)

My Expectation from the Hair Styler:

I have straight long hair. Long time ago I had lost all hopes to curl them and that’s no more my expectation. I find salon style blow drying by self very difficult. Working by looking into the mirror is totally deceptive. I just can’t manage the coordination between my two hands. Also during summers, blow drying every time after a wash dries my scalp. So I just wanted something that would give a more organized and manageable finish to my hair without much heat exposure.

My Verdict:

Philips KeraShine Styler comes in alloy bodied barrel with a sturdy handle. The handle has a push up button to manage the heat settings ranging from off, 1 and 2.  I generally keep the setting at 1 as it radiates enough amount of heat on that. Coming to the heating barrel, it is thick 45 mm which has got retractable comb spikes that can be operated from the other end of the barrel. So that means if you are looking for soft curling then you need not reopen the curls to get the curler out (I have read on other blog like Vanity Case and P&B that it’s a great option for getting soft curls and girls who have light wavy hair to get the glamorous hair style).

So what I do is divide my washed and naturally dried hair into two parts, place them on front on my shoulders and start working on the first section. Starting to work from the back, I take 2 inch section and start sectional combing with the styler and keep on placing the combed section at the back. Voila, I get smooth, full length manageable, shiny, flyer less finish. A bet of serum and I am good to go.

The styler also adds shine to the hair. The overall output is phenomenal after blow drying and then smoothening the hair with the styler. But that would mean double heating and more damage to hair.



  1. Great option to get smooth mushroom effect for naturally straight hair
  2. Also works for soft curls for naturally wavy hair
  3. Adds Shine
  4. The retractable comb ensures that the curls are not opened to remove the rod
  5. Decently priced
  6. Blow drying can be skipped if meant for regular usage.


  1. Not meant for creating strong curls
  2. Doesn’t curl poker straight hair

Overall Recommendation:

Philips KeraShine Styler is superb tool to comb out and smoothen straight hair to give a no flyer finish. It can replace blow drying (if you don’t like blow drying after every wash) as sectional combing by the styler seems to be much easier. Girls with wavy hair can create soft curls using the same. I am totally bought by the product and don’t use my hair drier any more, at least till the summers last.

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