Review of Biotique Bio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner

So the gone weekend I was in Mahabaleshwar for a company outbound. Imagine we left for the place at 2.30 am after annual office party. Pheew!! I had washed my hair the very morning and so I didn’t feel the need to carry my shampoo and conditioner for the one day-one night trip. I also assumed that the activities will be indoor as the rains were too heavy.

My bad!! We had 2 hour activity right in the rains. It was pouring and at the same time the winds made it worst. Though I enjoyed and god’s grace I didn’t fall ill, I was left with no shampoo/conditioner to wash my hair after I got drenched.

So??? I generally don’t use the shampoos provided at hotels/ resorts due to my past not so favorable experience. But here, I had no choice. There was a mini bottle of Biotique Bio Green Apple Shampoo + Conditioner kept in the bathroom rack and there I thought, here goes my left over hair too. To mention I have been facing extreme hair fall for the past 6 months, no matter what I use. My last encounter with Biotique was 8 years back and since then I have never tried their products. So I had limited hopes but DESTINY has something else to show!

Company Claims:

“This refreshing formula is blended with pure green apple extract, sea algae and centella, to purify and nourish the scalp and hair with natural minerals and proteins. Special pH balanced formula is gentle enough to use every day. Leaves hair refreshed and full of natural body and shine.”






INR 68.00



INR 149.00



INR 269.0


My Verdict:

It’s the BEST Shampoo I have tried in the last 8 months.  

The packaging I received in the hotel was a 35ml bottle. It came in a translucent plastic packaging with signature Biotique green colored branding. All the ingredients have been clearly mentioned. It also states that it’s not a cosmetic product but a product with therapeutic properties. The shampoo is also organic and preservative free.

The shampoo is light green in color and smells like every other Biotique product but the fragrance doesn’t linger in hair post wash.

I rinsed my hair with water and massaged with a small quantity of Biotique Bio Green Apple Shampoo. It created enough lather. Took me two washes to be completely free of oil and dirt. FYI, I have extremely oily scalp and waist length hair. I faced absolutely no hair fall while washing and negligible strand loss while combing. I didn’t use any other conditioner. The shampoo has conditioner and it totally did its job. Though hair got considerably tangled post wash due to no separate conditioner but a gentle sectional combing sorts that out.

I used this shampoo once again on oiled hair today and it did its job equally good.

In total I am very glad that I discovered this. I am surely going to buy a bigger bottle.


  1. Completely organic & preservative-free
  2. Can be used daily
  3. Is 2 in 1-shampoo + conditioner
  4. Cleans thoroughly
  5. Results to negligible hair fall
  6. Conditioned well and imparted shine
  7. So light on pocket!
  8. Available in different quantities
  9. Can be purchased online on 


 1. Does tangle hair but still manageable.

Overall Recommendation:

It’s the best shampoo I have come across in last 8 months and have resulted in no hair fall during wash. Doesn’t require an external conditioner. But if your hair is too rough you may use one. It also imparted shine to my hair that had turned dull due to very high sun exposure. I am surely going to get a bigger bottle and continue using it. The price is equally attractive.


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