Review and Swatch of MAC Plumful Lusture Lipstick

Review and Swatch of MAC Plumful Lusture Lipstick

Last week I and my husband were planning to go to a road trip to this beach village called Kashid near Alibaug. In the last five years, I have been there four times and I am still not bored of this place. The place is simple and secluded. Infact the place doesn't even have street lights during the night. One can only hear the waves roaring and the night flies buzzing. No other sound touches your ears.  Here is a day glimpse :-

Coming back to today’s review, I have chosen MAC Plumful Lusture Lipstick which I picked up at the store, abruptly without much thought.

Price: INR 990

My Verdict:

MAC Plumful Lipstick is from MAC Lusture Permanent range. The lusture range comprises of sheer but buildable lipcolors. They also have good amount of shine/ lusture.

Plumful is a berry pink shade which looks more berry plum on my pigmented lips. On lighter lips it looks more pink. The shade is sheer and needs to be built to show up to give an opaque finish. The finish is shiny. It’s a very good daily wear shade for office, especially when you can’t show case bold pinks.  Because its sheer in nature it allows the natural color of the lips to come through. This is a plus point for lot of girls but not for me. As opposed I like lipsticks that completely cover my natural lip color (Completely opaque). 

The texture is smooth and creamy.

The lipstick transfers a lot. It tends to fade easily in an hour or so. So I am not impressed by its staying power. I hate touch ups and this one’s needs a lot of it. It stays 2-3 hours and then needs to be reapplied.

The packaging and essence is the standard MAC ones (bullet and vanilla essence).


  1. Sheer but buildable
  2. Luminous finish
  3. Makes a somber daily wear (pink/plum)
  4. Allows the natural lip color come through (if you like it, me not)
  5. Creamy and smooth


  1. Poor lasting power

Overall Recommendation:

MAC Plumful is a pinkish plum shade with sheer finish and makes for an excellent office wear. You will like it in case you like sheer finishes. The lasting power is not impressive, but considering it sheer can be given an open hand. For me, given a choice, I will give it a pass. 


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