Review and Swatch of Colorbar Velvett Matte Lipstick in Obsessed Orange 60

Review and Swatch of Colorbar Velvett Matte Lipstick in Obsessed Orange 60

If I am to associate one color to every season then I would say White to Summers, Green to Rainy, Brown to Autumns, Orange to Winters and Yellow to Springs. You may beg to differ and you have all the right to do so!

So as per me if winters are to oranges then why not try a new orange lipstick (by now you know I have a week leg for coral, Wheeee!!! (Bdw, oranges and guavas are my favorite fruit during winters).

I got the Colorbar velvet matte Lipstick in Obsessed Orange during the Nykaa GOSF.

Company Claims:

For a rich lip colour with a creamy shine, the Velvett Matte Lipstick, available in stunning shades infuse the lips with vibrancy. Its unique 2-in-1 formulation gives the lips a creamy, yet matte finish. A one of a kind product in India, it has super softening agents that give the lips a soft and supple appearance while keep them nourished with Vitamin E. Staying on up to 5 hours on application, the Velvett Matte Lipstick can be further accentuated with lip gloss and lip liner.

Price: INR 275 for 4.2 gm

Shelf Life: 3 years

My Verdict: Colorbar Obsessed Orange is a rich bright orange (similar to saffron) in shade. The color can be categorized as neonish and may not universally appeal to all. It’s quite a bold shade to carry. I bought it after reading online reviews of the product but on application I realized it would flatter the fair skinned beauties than the duskier ones. Though one can tone it down with a red lipstick, but that of course doesn’t make much sense. I am currently  unable to decide whether I should flaunt it as it’s too bright shade for my skin tone and at times it makes me look way too abnormal. Otherwise for medium to fair skin, it’s a beautiful orange shade that is well pigmented and shall make them go gorgeous.

The texture is creamy and smooth while application. I don’t know why it’s named as matte as the appearance is not matte at all. Yes, there is no such ultra-shine factor but not matte either. The cream settles in lines after sometime making my lips look ill. In this season I do have some amount of dryness in the center part, which this lipstick make it look more visible.

Let’s now talk about its longevity. It lasts 3-4 hours including coffee breaks and a snack intake. Doesn’t last meal though. The color is also highly transferable. With all the rave reviews I thought of giving this a try but I am quite disappointed by the overall results.


  1. Well pigmented
  2. Bright orange shade that would invariably flaunt fair skinnies
  3. Creamy in texture
  4. Smooth to apply
  5. Good for pigmented lips
  6. Not matte as claimed


  1. Poor lasting power
  2. Transfers
  3. Settles into lines and accentuates the appearance of the dry area
  4. Dislike the packaging, feel it’s too bulky for a lipstick. The plastic cap gets shabby after sometime and attracts cracks.

Over All Recommendation:

Colorbar Velvett Matte Lipstick in Obsessed Orange is pretty neonish orange shade which will flatter medium to fair skin girls. Dusky to Dark beauties may or may not give it a skip. The texture is smooth and creamy but not matte. The lasting power is average and the lipstick settles into fines lines after sometime. The packaging is below average.  Overall not something I would recommend.

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