Posts to come (Mad Mad Cosmetic Shopping) and New Section Inauguration

Hi all my beautiful Readers….I am super excited and on cloud 9 currently. Literally high and ecstatic about the purchases I have made during the past few days and no matter what, I promise I  shall review each one of them as they are so worthwhile, and moreover I spent a BOMB!

Also I learnt a few tidbits during this stint of shopping which I am even more eager to share with you.

The reason behind all this is the female protagonist in my life. My Sister. It’s her wedding in November and I am literally the Bride’s “Maid”.  No pun intended. I am the one who gets to choose her Bridal Saree and setting up her bridal cosmetic kit. My sister also wants me to do her bridal make up. So you see I am highly obliged and need to live up to that expectation. I am feeding on online videos and blogs on Bong Brides and let me tell you I am not very impressed with the results. I mean you have so many things on the North Indian brides but Bong Brides seems to be an endangered species. Also what I found were more or less a fusion.

So with only 4 months to go I  have decided to start a story on the wedding preparations and my make-up encounters, shops to look for and so on.

Stay tuned  and let the countdown begin……………..!

P.S. Stuff that I purchased (expected Upcoming Reviews)

1. Inglot Cream Foundation    

2. Inglot Under Make-up Base

3. Inglot Pure Pigment Eye Shadows

4. Inglot Freedom Eye Shadows and Palate

5. Inglot Lipstick Matte 419

6. Inglot Make up Remover for Waterproof Make up

7. A vanity case from the local market

:) Guess I should become an Inglot online PR!!