Personal Bridal Saga: 3 Months to go

Sorry for the deferred post topped up with Awful internet connectivity.

I am flying and totally bored in the craft. As I write this blog the aroma of sandwich and coffee tickle my nasal senses but I am successfully refrain myself from even giving it a second thought. I have to save space in my stomach for the MOM-MADE stuff!! Even before I left for the airport, my sister had informed me that “Ileesh Macher Jhol” and “Ileesh Macher Deem” is in the dinner menu!! I am slurping just at the thought of it!

So where and why am I travelling??? Remember I told you that I would go to Kolkata for my Sis’s wedding shopping.

So with 3 months to go, Daddy has single handedly arranged more or less all that gets managed by the senior folks of the family. From booking of the venues to printing the cards to etc. etc.  The shopping for the guy’s side is almost complete. What are left are the things that my sis needs as a bride.

So here is the list of things that we plan to hop for in the next four consecutive days:-

  1. Bridal Sari- The most important stuff
  2. Make-up Treasuries (My sis is exactly opposite to me. Make-up is an alien and uninteresting topic to her. So I have to literally pull her for this.
    1. A good Foundation & Pressed Powder
    2. Lippies
    3. Anything else that we may find useful
  3. Selecting designs for her blouses.
  4. Lingerie and night suits. Something that is a bit conservative and can be worn during the day as well inside the house as she will be staying with her in laws for the first few days. As suddenly we realize that she cannot be wearing the “Mickey Mouse” boxers and heart printed pyjamas.
  5. Bridal Footwear
  6. Dresses for her Honeymoon (imagine me winking!!)- Well we may not put much time here as I shall be on a shopping vacation to Bangkok for 3 days next month and plan to buy loads of clothes, watches, footwear, bags & clutches. It’s going to be an all-girls-trip…Yayy!!
  7. Accessories like matching bangles and stuff. Bong Brides prefer mainly Gold jewelry. So guess this has been taken care by Mom.
  8. Some more shopping (He he!!)

I am right now very under confident with the make-up that I am planning to do for my Sis. So we shall also take out some time for the trail and so that in case things don’t work out well, we shall have the time to book a professional artist.