One T.V. Show I am Looking Forward To: Trinny & Susannah’s Makeover Mission India

One T.V. Show I am Looking Forward To: Trinny & Susannah’s Makeover Mission India

One thing I hate watching on televisions is the daily soaps and somehow I can’t even tolerate others watching them. I know that sounds mean but they are so bloody irritating with the Female Protagonist in the serial seems like they don’t have tongue in their mouth. Also they have gallons of water stored up in their tear ducts. So when my Mom in law during her stay, used to be glued to the TV, watching those obnoxious daily Hindi Soaps, I used to be in the Bedroom, mostly working on my lappy. Bdw let me tell you this was how this Blog was born.

But now I want the TV back because Trinny & Susannah’s Makeover Mission India is going to air on TLC from 12 August, Monday-Friday, at 9pm!!!!! Yes, the makeover specialists are in India this time. This is one show that I am looking forward to for its all about Fashion & Makeovers. The show, which has travelled to Norway, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden and Australia, will have the “fashion saviors” “pick up” 19 Indians—men and women from Mumbai and Delhi—over eight episodes and give them makeovers.

Also I would want to see how the people in the show respond to these “Fashion Nazis on TV who are known for their razor sharp comments and hands on boob grab”.

Below is the article that I picked up from!. I am going to get glued to this show. Are you??!!!

TV’s famed fashion police and makeover show pioneers, Trinny and Susannah, are in India for their upcoming show on TLC. Shalaka Nalawade talks to the duo .

Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine made their entry into the small screen a decade ago and instantly impressed viewers with their practical styling tips for ordinary Brit women in the show What Not To Wear. Their sassy style, witty and frank comments were appreciated. But what got the audiences hooked was the genuine connect that the duo established with the women they gave a makeover. After helping the women across the globe, the styling divas are now in India to help working men and women, homemakers and young girls spruce up their fashion sense through their new show Trinny and Susannah Makeover Mission India that premières on August 12 on TLC. Here, the duo gives a peek into their show and Indian fashion sense:

What are your thoughts on Indian women and their fashion sense?

Trinny: I think they are very much like other women around the world. They have lost their style sense, they have changed shape over the years and, in general, have lost confidence. But they are trying hard to overcome the shortfalls.

Susannah: I feel the style sense of Indian women is really boring. They wear the same skinny jeans, boring T-shirts and dark dull tunics while trying to hide their tummy. They have almost given up on the cultural clothing that India offers traditionally.

Indian women are now influenced by the West. They too are obsessed with the ‘size zero’ phenomenon. What are your views?

Trinny: Don’t listen to the ‘size zero’ s***. The West is obsessed with a certain type of body image, and that’s not ideal. Women should think that ‘I have this kind of body and have to embrace it with all its assets and flaws. I have to love it the way it is and not compare it to someone else’s.

Susannah: In fact, I think Indian women are lucky, they have a naturally sexy feminine shape, and, trust me, everyone wants that. Size zero is for the anorexics, it’s impossible to be that way and it’s not even healthy.

What do you think about Indian ethnic wear? Should Indian women stick to it?

Trinny: I, for one, absolutely love Indian wear. It has most exquisite textures and lots of prints. I shopped to my heart’s content in India. For example, John Galiano’s 2003 ‘spring/ summer ready-to-wear collection’, which took inspiration from India, was amazing. In our makeovers for Indian women, we are including 25 per cent traditional Indian wear, because they are comfortable in it.