Look At My Wardrobe: Forever 21 Ear Stud Haul

Look At My Wardrobe: Forever 21 Ear Stud Haul

Which is another place other than a mad house where even the sane ones turn insane? I think it’s any Forever 21 Store! I see a twinkle in the eyes of every girl who is inside the store. They look like women in wonder land wandering with lust for clothes, jewelry & footwear deep in their hearts and full filing their desire. So much of fashionable stuff at such affordable stuff!! And it’s even more appealing when you see things available at 30% discount. I have never returned empty handed from any Forever 21 store- A Shopper’s Paradise.

This time I purchased cropped tops and few ear studs. This post will be only on the Ear Studs. I kept the summer wardrobe in mind while choosing the colors. The patterns may look repetitive but hearts are one of the cutest geometrical shapes I know!.

  1. Lacquered Heart studs (Neon Green + Gold)

Priced- INR 99

These medium sized neon green studs stole my heart at the first look. The color is much vibrant in person.

  1. Lacquered Heart Studs (Beige + Gold)

Price- INR 179 (Approx.)

These Beige color high polished finish studs were also love at first site. How pretty is that for my day at work! They are lightweight weight too.

  1. Chic Heart Studs (Pale Pink + Gold)

Price- INR 179 (Approx.)

A pair of heart-shaped studs featuring indented centers and contrast trim. These are smaller in size than the above two.

  1. Chic Heart Studs (Mint Green + Gold)

Price- INR 179 (Approx.)

I can’t ask for more in summers apart from Natural’s Tender Coconut Ice Cream

  1. Tropic Bound Floral Studs (Pink + Gold)

Price- INR 200 plus (Approx.)

These large pair of tropical floral studs featuring bejeweled centers wants me to wear a plain maxi dress and step out on a summer evening.

There were of course a lot of neckpieces, rings, bangles, armlets. I generally don’t wear any of them. Ear studs still remain my favorite, though at times I skip that as well.

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