Lipsticks for Dark Skinned Beauties

Lipsticks for Dark Skinned Beauties

I dedicate this post to one my good friends who insisted me in doing this special post. Being a novice to make up, especially lipsticks, she was unsure about the kind of shades that would suit her.

Practically I feel anybody can wear any shade. The rules are that there are no rules. If you like something, go for it.

But if you are still skeptical about what shade you should wear then I have this post for you.

Personally I hate when cosmetic company categorize the skin shades under just fair, medium and dark. There are so many beautiful shades under each category. Take for example dark, what happens to all those beauties with the complexions like, mocha, dark mocha, mahogany, coffee, Taupe, whatever you want to name them??!! Also in one part of the world, when Oscar winner and edgy beauty Llupita Nyong'o has been named the recent face of Lancome, in India we see still Yami Gautam getting fairer and fairer!

Well coming back to lipsticks, while it can be tricky to judge the color of the lipstick based on how deep is the complexion, it’s all about balancing the warm and cool tone of the face.

I suggest, the best way to identify what suits you most is picking up celebrities whose skin color resembles with you the maximum.

Recommended Shades:

  1. Red: Red is a universal color that would flatter all skin tones. Deeper the skin tone, deeper the red should be. 

Eg, MAC Ruby Woo, MAC Russian Red, MAC True Red. Bourjois Lip Pencil 20, Inglot Matte Lip Pencil 21 can be a budget option. Though this is not too deep Maybelline POP 6 is also a pleasant red to carry. The first one is of course my favorite. MAC Chillie is also a fabulous choice as it has a very subdued orange tinge and can immediately brighten up the face.

  1. Bright Fuchsia: Deep Fuchsias can be pleasantly bright and peppy. Market is filled with Dark Fuchsias.

Eg. MAC Flat Out Fabulous, Inglot 419, Maybelline Fuchsia Fever.

  1. Cool Toned Bright Lavender Pinks (lighter version of Fuchsia)- I love this shade.

Eg. Inglot 421, MAC Twig, Revlon Elusive

  1. Muddy Rose: A bright rose might wash out the face. But a terracotta rose is a sure bet. Eg. Lakme 9-5 Scarlet,Inglot Lip Pencil 21.

  1. Browns: Rich Taupes are universal favorite of all Duskies. Eg. MAC Taupe (My fav), Maybelline GLAM 13

  1. Purple: Purples are best suited for dusky damsels. Make the best use of the color of the year “Radiant Orchids”

Eg. Revlon ColorBust Matte Lip Balm Shameless, Inglot Slim Gel Lipstick # 60     


As mentioned earlier please wear whatever you feel like. Let’s not restrict to only these shades. World is full of colors. Go there and experiment!

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