Latest Fashion Trends of This Season (Part 1): Animal Prints

Latest Fashion Trends of This Season (Part 1): Animal Prints

Remember Shilpa Shetty dancing in Leopard Print mini skirt & blouse and thereafter in Tiger Print slacks in the song “Chura ke dil mera goriya chali”!!!  The song went rave and so did her clothes that surely got noticed and liked. (The brand recall by itself is a proof!!!)

Animal prints are back in vogue. You may or may not be an animal lover. Who cares??!! Animal Prints is everywhere these days. Right from apparels, foot wears, bags, bracelets and so on (Let your imagination speak). They are sexy and funky. The best part is that animal printed clothes suit woman of all shapes and sizes. For example girls on the heavier side can opt for tiger prints or zebra prints that more look like “leheriyas”. These prints make one look slim and in shape. (P.S: love your body, be whatever the shape is). But the only catch with Animal Prints is that let them do all the talking rather “roaring”!! Keep other stuff minimal and clean. Like if the print is on a clutch or footwear let your clothes be mono or dichromatic. If it’s on your clothes then accessorize minimal or nil.

Currently I own animal printed pants, a clutch and a maxi dress. I am definitely going to indulge myself in retail therapy session soon with these prints in mind. For now these are in my wish list and seems like I will love them forever.  





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