Kolkata Bridal Make up Artist- Ujjwal Debnath

Kolkata Bridal Make up Artist- Ujjwal Debnath

Update On Personal Front:

I have too many things on my mind to write about but unable to accumulate my thoughts and pen down anything much. Thanks to year end pressure at office, shifting to a new apartment and setting up new the place. The latter seems to be a never ending work!

We got a new mini bed and cane furniture. I am not planning any more expenditure on furniture as it takes a toll during the shifting process!! Though I couldn’t resist ordering this book case on urban ladder for the guest bedroom. I shall soon put up the pictures once I set up the place. Still lot of work left. The lamps and other electrical fitting left. Mr. Husband is adamant to put up the home theatre. Men will be men!!

So going further on today’s post, I thought of doing a bridal dedication as I have not done it in ages!

Introducing Bridal Make up Artist from Kolkata, Ujjwal Debnath(he may not need one if you are from Kolkata and already know about bridal make-up artists). Ujjwal may be a comparitively new name amongst the popular faces in the bridal make up arena but nevertheless a very effective and hardworking one. I came across his work while I was shorlisting bridal make-up artists for my sister, That’s a different thing that I did it myself due to the emotional connect.

You can see Ujjwal’s more work Here on his FB Page. I have had a few email chats with him and also connected with few of the brides created by him for a feedback. His FB page says “The man behind some of the stunning brides' makeup, Ujjwal has carved a niche for himself in the glamour industry.” Indeed True!

I am personally in awe with his work. The brides created by him her a sheer master piece. Look at the bride's mesmerizing characteristic eyes and you are carried to the mythological picturesque of Goddess Durga!!! According to me his creation of the artistic eyes and the forehead painting (“Chandan” work) are the high point of all his works!!! In fact the distinguishing factor of a Bong Bride with any other community bride are her eyes. And if that has been achieved, the look is nailed!

I am also in awe with the base make up that Ujjwal does. He doesn’t turn his brides into pan cakes. Very glowy and natural.  

He extends his services by coming to the venue for his work.

His package includes Make-up, Hair do and Saree draping. Further you can contact him at info.ujjwaldebnath@gmail.com

(I wish I had found him during my wedding, I would have definitely asked him to come to all the way Lucknow. Nevertheless I am planning to get married once again (don’t get horrified- to the same person of course) during one of my anniversaries and that time I shall hire Ujjwal!!!)


Note: The pictures don’t belong to me. They have been picked up from Ujjwal Debnath’s Bridal Make-Up Page. If the picture owners have any issue, then please mail me and I shall have the same removed.


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