How to Use Your Not So Worthy Lip Balms For French Manicure Nail Art

How to Use Your Not So Worthy Lip Balms For French Manicure Nail Art

How many times have you bought something which ended up at one sad corner of your dressing table?

It’s happened to me so many times that my sense of guilt has now stopped bothering me.

He He!! But once a while the monetary sensible me wakes up and decides to do something good with the not so very appealing things. This time I chose a lip balm. This one is from Khadi and has a strange rawness in it which I didn’t like.  So, if not lips then better be on fingers!!!

Though there are many other ways to effectively use a lip balm, like melting it and making a better lip balm out of it by adding a few of your favorite  ingredients.

But why to do so much of hard work when I can just use them as a part of my nail art application!

What to do:  Easy. With a Q tip apply the lip balm on the nail bed skin area. Make sure not on the nails. Now apply the nail paint. The lip balm will ensure that the nail paint doesn’t get on to the nail bed and beyond. Once the nail paint dries, clean the lip balm with a fresh Q tip. 

This would esure that the nail paint doesnt wander beyound the nail perpheri! Do try it and let me know how it works for you. 

Below is a nail art that I did using Colorbar Pink lady which is a hot pink semi matte shade and silver shimmer nail coat.

See that glistening gel around the nail bed. That’s the lip balm :) 

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