How To Get Rid of Hard Stuck Dandruff with THIS wonder Drugstore Shampoo

How To Get Rid of Hard Stuck Dandruff with THIS wonder Drugstore Shampoo

Its Basant Panchami today, and like most of the Bong girls, I am also dressed up in a yellow saree.  I am obsessed with yellow colored clothes. In fact amongst sarees I have five in yellow!!! Probably my Bong connection with Mustard!!!

So how is this related to today’s post? Any guesses?? Yes the shampoo I am speaking about is also YELLOW in color…But it’s not the color that’s roped me in, it’s the performance!

I am talking about the Drug store brand Selsun Shampoo.

I use this because the anti-dandruff shampoos in the market have never helped me in these extreme conditions. I do  have an alternate herbal remedy which I will share with you sometime later this week.

I have used Selsun Shampoo on and off during adverse scalp conditions since I was Five. So this is a time tested product and I can vouch on it.

Note on Selsun Shampoo:

Selsun is an Anti-Dandruff Medicated Shampoo that contains active ingredient “Selenium Sulfide”. It’s recommended for a number uncomfortable scalp conditions including dandruff. The medicated shampoo is proven to control scaling, itching and flaking.

How do I Use It To Eradicate Dandruff:

  1. Wet the scalp.
  2. Apply the product directly onto scalp, massage and keep for ten minutes, without diluting. Rinse completely.
  3. Follow with your normal hair wash process with your mild shampoo.
  4. Do this for twice a week till problem persists.

Generally, you would see the difference on 4th or 5th wash.

Point to keep in mind:

It’s a medicated shampoo and I wouldn’t recommend it using it like an everyday shampoo until your Derma prescribes.

You can buy Selsun over the conter or order it online here at EBAY.