For those Silver Junk Lovers

For those Silver Junk Lovers

All that Glitters may not be gold, but all that shines is SILVER. And most of these I found on the streets!! Mumbai’s Colaba Causeway to Kolkata’s Esplanade, the ultimate paradise for Street Shoppers. Rather I am sure you would agree with me that Street Shopping is much more satiating than mall shopping. At least for the desi me J. The best of junk jewelry is always found in those shady looking shops or with the cheapo looking guy selling the chunks. I’m fond of both Silver and Gold metallics, but tonight is reserved for my favorite junkies that I picked from these streets. All of them were well negotiated and was clubbed with other accessories. So I don’t remember their individual prices.

Tell me your favorite pick out of these and share yours too either on mail or on B&B’s FB Page.


  1. The Owl Bracelet- I am obsessed with this one. Place: Colaba Causway ; Price: INR 350

  2. Breaded Bracelet- Place: Dokhinnapon, Kolkata ; Price: INR 100

  3. Blue Kadha - Place: Colaba Causeway ; Price:  INR 200

  4. Tangled Multicolored Bangles – Place: Colaba Causeway ; Price: INR 70

  5. Studded Ring – Place: Colaba Causeway ; Price: INR 100

  6. Long chain with Owl pendant – OMG, this one is my favorite and I club it with my formal wear also. Place: Esplanade (New Market Area), Kolkata ; Price: INR 165

  7. Tribal Necklace: Love!! Place: Dokhinnapon, Kolkata ; Price: INR 100

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