False Acrylic Nails- Yay or Nay??

False Acrylic Nails- Yay or Nay??

Story Behind the Sets:

My last client meeting on Friday finished at 7.30 pm. It ran 1 hour beyond its predicted schedule. That means I had already missed first half an hour on the T-20 semi-finals. Thank fully from Cric info updates I knew I am not going to miss India’s batting innings. But when I started my car, I realized the traffic was so bad I would reach home only by 9 pm. Wtf! that means, India would already start batting by then. Cut the traffic. No I couldn’t. By no means, I was going to miss the semis. I drove straight to the nearest mall which was only few yards from the place I had started. First twenty minutes like all other hopeless men around, I stood in front of a Croma store watching the match. My legs started aching in the heels. I went in search of an eating/drinking/coffee joints that had big screen. Curse my luck. Didn’t find any empty seats. Of course in Mochas I saw a guy alone sipping his beer and watching the match. But a married woman’s ego is too big to request for some part of the table. So I finally went to this salon. I had no beauty agenda. Just for sitting and watching the match I decided to get some nail spa done. They didn’t have any nail art facility. So I just thought of getting the false acrylic nails implanted on my nails. I sat on the sofa, while the guy started his work on my nails, I casually laid back and watched the match. After all it was worth all the effort. After all I saw India win.

Coming to the Point:

I opted for natural looking French Mani stick-ons so that they can be painted as per my wish.

As per the Salon Agent:

  1. They would last 15 days or so.
  2.  I shouldn’t wet my hands for the next 1 hour and be away from water as much as possible for the next 15 days (what??? Are you kidding me!!).
  3. Should be very gentle with my hand movements!!! (this is like asking me to do catwalk, if you know me you know for the fact that I am not all that graceful, I keep barging my hands and legs here and there).

Process of Application:

After the regular manicure, he took quite some time with the trial and error method in order to select the right fit for all my finger nails. After lots of effort he broke the news that my finger nails were too long (if that was long then I am as tall as Mr. Bachchan) for the acrylic nails and hence couldn’t cover it from the edges. So he took my silent permission to chop them off. They became too short that the skin now pained. Next he started pasting each falsie one by one by pushing them in the nail bed. Ouch!! The pain lingered for some time or may be till the other day which happened in case of some my fingers. The nail beds really hurt! Due to lack of time, I asked him to paint my nails with just one shade. I opted for a pretty peachy pink shade.

End Results:

  • The fingers nails did look pretty and uniformly aligned.
  • Next 2 days I felt as if there was something heavy hanging on my fingers, but after that I got used to it.
  • I couldn’t do any hard errands, like opening a lid of bottle fearing my nails would come out.
  • On the second day two of the nails came out by themselves. What a waste of my hard earned money!
  • As the original nails start growing, the fake ones get pushed ahead, creating a gap between the nail bed and the falsie, making the entire thing look very unnatural. This happens within 3-4 days.

Overall Recommendation:

Though the results look impressive at the outset, it does come with a cost. Salon fitting is definitely not recommended as it’s a wastage of hard earned money. Initially it feels heavy. The nail beds really hurt. Two of the nails came out just in two days. Cannot be in water. Daily errands become tough. In case you still want to have some fun with you nails go for buying the set of nails and do it yourself! At least it won’t hurt your pockets!

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