Bollywood Fashion Book: Parineeti Chopra in Vogue Photo Shoot

Bollywood Fashion Book: Parineeti Chopra in Vogue Photo Shoot

There was a time when I used be always compared to my elder sister. We, the younger siblings are always put under the radar and scrutinized w.r.t. the elder ones- studies, sports, looks and believe me or not, for my case it was height as well. In fact when I was around 10, my dad and maternal uncle kept a bet-“will I be taller or at least reach the same height as my elder sis.

Coming to Parineeti, I see that stardom doesn’t change the rules!! From the very time Parineeti Chopra has set her foot in Bollywood, she has been routinely compared with her elder sis Priyanka Chopra. You see it’s not fair. I feel she has made her own stature and brand. They both belong to completely different worlds. Where Priyanka is more sexy and hot, Parineeti falls in the cute and bubbly category.

Recently Parineeti snapped back when there were comments on her weight. Well no doubt she is not from the size zero fraternity, but she looks so damn good in the Vogue shoot. Don’t ask me the designer names for the clothes she has worn as the names don’t come so obviously to me!

She doesn’t look thin but neither fat. A lot of that may be Photoshop but she definitely appears to be a buxom beauty. And do not ignore the make-up. Look at those full, subtle, smokey eye!!!

What do you think gals??

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