Bengali Bridal Looks

Bengali Bridal Looks

As kids we all have enjoyed the Fairy Tales. So every time the queen in the tale “Snow White” used to ask “Mirror mirror on the wall, show me the fairer of all”, we knew the mirror would say “Snow White”. Hang on….do we still expect the same answer when we look into the mirror?? For the bride the answer should be she “herself”.  It’s her day and she needs to look the best.

So my quest for the perfect bong bride look begun by searching the various possible pics I could fetch from the internet, learn and replicate. Frankly I was fed  up with the Aishwarya Rai and Bipasha Basu pics, as if they were the only epitome of a beautiful bengali bride!

Few are the ones that I have liked and thought of sharing them with you. I’m flying to the City of Joy in August to build my sister’s makeup box and help with her shopping. Yayyyy!!  I shall also carry my own make up goodies for a trail on her.

Meanwhile  please let me know which look do you think is the best??

1. Her golden smoky eyes perfectly compliment her dusky skin. The make up doesnt look complicated. Its neat and signifies perfection.  Love her doe eyes.


2.  I guess unlike me all other Bong women are blessed with beautifully crafted eyes or should I blame it on the makeup??

3. Yami looks a perfectly made up Bong Bride, with her smoky eyes and nude center lid. The wedding jewellery adorns her in all possible ways.

4. She may not be a Bengali Bride, but I am absolutely in awe with her eligant make up.

Disclaimer: Picture source- Internet.