Back from the Roller Coasters

Back from the Roller Coasters

Hi Gals!!

I am back after gulping so much fun and fiesta, that I am still under hangover. I was lingering to give you a regular update on the happenings but my work targets, fully famished nights and Big Boss-7 kept me away from Born B. Criminal!

 Do I have to mention that my laziness can also be blamed for it??!! Wink!!

So what did I do since I was off Born B? Hmmm.. I and my husband did a short trip to Bangkok and Phuket, celebrated third  Karwa Chauth & Diwali with family and of course the hula-hoop at the super-fun wedding of my Sister.

So here are the upcoming posts that I intend to do:-

  1. Shopping @ Bangkok & Phuket
  2. Remaining Cosmetic Shopping for my sister- Part 2 (Remember the part 1 was already done in August!)
  3. The D Day pics and make up I did on her!! Yaayyy!

Rest have a great, Midweek!! (I am already doing a countdown for the weekend)


Disclaimer- The above picture doesn’t belong to me. In case the owner of the pic has an issue please mail me, and I shall remove it.