Two Must Have MAC Brushes

11/07/2013 18:36

As promised earlier I would individually review each of the makeup brushes in my store. So her Highnesses, the red carpet is open and the first two to grace this space are MAC 217 and 219.  Also I thought, this was important before I start the tutorials.

These are highly recommended  tools used as blending & pencil brushes, respectively. Moreover if you want to make your brush kit and do not want it to bore a whole in your wallets, then I suggest pick up only these two brushes from MAC instead of an array of offerings from this company. They will last you a life time. You may also go for their Inglot or Sigma equivalent which will be more cost efficient and will give you equally good results (though they have their cons too).

MAC 219:

Mac 219 is a pointed pencil brush which I use for picking up the eye shadow and applying it on outer corner of the lid, lower lash line (below the lower water line) and for stroking the shadow to the crease. I also use it to smudge the eye liner drawn by my MAC kohl pencil and color my eye brows.

The bristles are made of natural goat hair held in a steel fit which is connected with a wooden handle in black. The tip is pointed as desired from a pencil brush. The bristles are stiff and don’t fluff out easily which gives precision to every application. I am at times amazed by the fact that these bristles are so stiff but not harsh on your skin. Miracle!!

Also the shadow doesn’t wander in area where you don’t desire it to go to.  Mac 219 does what it is only meant to do. In one dip it picks up enough material for my eye makeup. And guess what,,,,it doesn’t even shed any hair while washing.

Price: INR 1500

Sigma Equivalent- Sigma E30 (Earlier named as Sigma SS 219) - Half the price of 219 but after a prolonged usage, does get bent.

Inglot Equivalent- Inglot 80 HP (I don’t recommend this as the tip of this brush is not pointed but too blunt)

MAC 217:

Mac 17 is a fluffy dome shaped brush that I use only for blending the eye shadow. I may also pick up the shadow directly from the palate if the look doesn’t desire too much of precision.

The mantra of a perfect eye make-up is seamless blending. If you blend it well, then the make-up doesn’t look made up. All the colors appear as if the base colors are just transforming into other colors gradually.

This is also a goat hair brush with stiff bristles attached to the steel holder connected to a black wooden handle.  It’s an awesome blending brush that doesn’t leave a harsh crease at all. Be it on the outer eye corner, eye lid, crease or below the brow bone. It picks up enough matter per dip. Though after a prolonged usage the bristles do get opened up but the same can be ignored as the overall output doesn’t change.

Price: INR 1750

Sigma Equivalent: Sigma E25

Inglot Equivalent: Inglot 4SS & 6SS

Pros (I can compose a song on the Pros of MAC brushes):

  1. Both the brushes deliver what it commits. (as the saying for we salespersons go… commitment should be in the blood ;).
  2. Made of natural hair.
  3. They give precision to your look.
  4. Hard and stiff bristles (don’t think naughty!!).
  5. Convenient handle.
  6. Doesn’t lose hair on washing.
  7. The original shape of the bristles is intact for a loooooooooong time.


  1. Pricey (dupes available in the market).
  2. As the bristles are white in color they look dirty/ colored in spite of regular washing.


  1. You may find MAC store list on the Shoppers Stop Website - 
  2. Wash your brushes regularly.
  3. You can use any mild face wash/ hand wash to do the same and rinse under running water with the tip of the bristles going downward. Don’t go against the water flow. Dry them well, preferably creating a slant, with the bristle end pointing downwards.

P.S: These MAC brushes were “demanded” gift from Mrs. London.