Six Must Have MAC Eye shadows for Dusky Skin tone & Swatches

11/07/2013 19:45

I guess today is MAC Day @ BB. First the brushes and now the Eye shadows. Let me admit that most of my preference of colors or make up tutorials would be biased towards Indian tan skin tone/ dusky beauties, for me being one of them.

Tip: Dusky damsels should go for warm choices of colors for the eye shadows. Bright Pinks, peaches or lavender makes me look washed out. Metallic colors like Gold, Bronze and Copper are born for us!!

Six colors that I have chosen to adorn my palate with are:-

  1. Carbon M (Matte Black) - Like Science says the base color of all colors is white, for me the base color for all my eye make-up is black. Traditional or contemporary, its one shade that’s a must have.  I generally complete my smoky eye look by applying this shade on my lower eye lid. And being matte, it just blends with my skin tone, not making me look like Robin from “Batman & Robin”!

 2. Humid (Green)- A green shade with matte finish. I use it as base under Amber Light to create Bronze shade.

3. Cranberry (Dark Wine)- This is the dark magenta pink (darker version of wine color) that I would suggest to all the dusky divas. It’s    subtle and vibrant at the same time. It doesn’t get washed out on my skin. Apart from applying it on the center of my eye lid, I always use it to tone down the matte black on the outer eye lid. Also it gives a smooth transition from black to brown to golden---it’s an absolute picturesque. I also use it as a base under Amber light to create Copper shade.


4. Embark (Brown)- Matte bark-Brown is how the shade looks like. I use it for a toned down eye make-up or just for blending the black . I also use it on the lower eye lid for that toned down office look.


5. Amber Light (Beautiful Golden)- One of the highest sold golden shades from MAC  and my favourite, is best suited for Indian skin tone. It’s absolutely beautiful and delicate. It looks gorgeous on the eye lid and aptly complements traditional and bridal looks.


6. Rice Paper (Highlighter) Light shimmery frosted cream shade and best suited for highlighting the brow bones and inner eye corner. I also use it on the top of the lid to get a nude look on the eye lids and smoky on the outer corners.


Reasons for choosing these colors

  1. They are all warm colors.
  2. They are powder based. I am not very fond of cream based shadows.
  3. I turn into a painter and mix this shades to generate hues of bronze  (Amber Light + Pink) and copper (Amber Light + Green).
  4. Rice Paper for highlighting and contouring.
  5. Matte Black is a must and this time I will rather buy a pot.
  6. All of them contain beautiful frost shimmer except in Carbon M.

Price Per Shade : INR 720

Will I repurchase: Yes, this time will go for pots