Reviewing MAC Smolder Eye Kohl B-31 Pencil & Swatches

12/07/2013 19:54

It’s raining cats and dogs outside and I don’t have much of outdoor choice. I had planned a visit to the Inglot store near my office. The entire intention was to pick up some MAC dupes and share it with you girlies!!! But there goes a splash on all of it—thanks to Mumbai rains and Mumbai’s heavy traffic.

Anyways Today I have made up my mind to review the MAC Smolder Kohl Pencil, two reasons- for more than a year now I have said good bye to liquid eye liners (though I use them at times to darken the wings drawn by the gel eye liners) and second, I am obsessed with the smoky eye look.

I have been in search of the eye pencil that is meant for a smudged or smoky look. So I picked up this pencil from the MAC store 4 months back and today I have decided to share my experience with you.

About MAC Smolder Eye Kohl B-31 Pencil: The eye pencil is very sleek looking long wooden bodied and black in color. The stick is meant to be sharpened and I don’t like this part of searching for the sharpener and in a hurry, I never find it anyways. So the lazy me always prefers the twister pencils.

My Verdict: Coming to its performance, the single stoke is quite dark and bold. The lead is also very creamy and doesn’t cause a friction on the eye lid. It can be also be used on the inner water line and doesn’t cause irritation. But let me warn you it’s meant and positioned as smudge kohl. But I have noticed that in case you don’t smudge, it does stand as it is, before it totally gets vanished. Yes, it doesn’t last long on the lids and vanishes off pretty soon if not smudged, leaving a thin impression. Guess that’s what it is meant to do. So I opt to smudge it with my MAC pencil brush to get the smoky look. Thankfully, the smudge is subtle and I don’t look like a panda. The pencil won’t last you more than 2 months if you are a heavy user. Oh, the most happening part, it’s got a strong smell, which I definitely don’t categorize as fragrance.   

Price: INR 1000

Single Stroke before smudging

After Smudging



  1. Jet black with matte finish.
  2. Smooth on eye lid.
  3. Safe to be used in the inner water line.
  4. Meant for smudged smoky look.


  1. Overly priced for a pencil eyeliner.
  2. Doesn’t last long both on the eye lid and in the carton.
  3. Nothing that my backup gel liner from Maybelline can’t do.
  4. Strong smell that I totally dislike.
  5. Doesn’t come with a sharpener.

Will I repurchase: No