Reviewing Lotus Herbals Pure Colors Carnation 640 Lipstick

04/07/2013 19:01

I’m in love with bright colors. Dull colored clothes make me sad. And so, I love to extend this love for colors to my makeup, mind it- only to lipsticks, eye shadows and Nail paints. Oranges, Yellows, Pinks, Peaches, all of these make me happy.Thus I couldn’t stop ordering online the Lotus Herbal Pure Colors Carnation 640 Lipstick at .


Company Claims: ‘Pure Colors’ is a range of exciting moisturizing lip colors. They have natural extracts of Jojoba and Aloe Vera. The unique product qualities are: - Uniform dispersion of pigments - Rich payoff - Smooth application.

Price: INR 245 (4.2 gm)

Swatches: (from left to right:1. Single stroke, 2. Double strokes 3. 5-6 strokes)



My verdict: I confess I have very very dark colored lips. And they are quite thick and broad. Lots of people have asked me whether I smoke. For God’s sake I have never smoked in my life. Once I got so pissed at this question that I replied back saying” No I don’t but I do smooch a chain smoker every day”.

So coming back to dark lips, Pinks, peaches or any floral or coral colors do not show on my lips. All of them either tend to look the darker version of the shade or brown!!

The shade of this lipstick is pretty peach color. Post 2-3 layers it does show off its original color even on my dark lips.So I assume on lighter lips it will give good coverage with the first layer itself.

The bible of make-up says that girls with thin lips shouldn’t opt for very dark lipstick as they tend to make the lips look thinner, whereas the girls with thick lips shouldn’t wear extra light lipsticks as they tend to make the mouth look bigger. As I come in the latter category I was skeptical about applying this. But it didn’t abnormally pout my lips. High Five!!

The lipstick is also extremely creamy and considering that it’s made from natural products, I assume it’s not harming my lips which generally turn pale over a period of time by constant usage of lipsticks.


  1. Very Creamy
  2. Natural Products
  3. Pocket Friendly


  1. Need to overwrite the layers multiple times to attain the actual shade

Will I repurchase: I am generally not a repeat buyer of the same shade once I exhaust it but I might checkout other shades from the same brand.