Reviewing Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Herb Enriched Head Massage Oil- BhringRaj

04/07/2013 19:28

Off late I reopened my extinct Orkut profile which was the most happening thing during my MBA days.

I couldn’t stop laughing at the attributes I had written about myself. One of the sections was “Turn ons” and my description to it was “money, thunderstorm, candlelight and long hair”.  Was I kidding while writing this!!!

So coming to my last so called “turn on” – Looooong hair. Though I am totally straight, I have always admired girls with beautiful, shiny, jet black long hair. Scientifically lot of these is in the genes and the rest on diet and maintenance.  But we always can’t blame it on the genes and stop working towards perfection. And hence, I tested and tried the Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair oil.

Key Ingredients: Organic Black Sesame oil, Virgin Coconut oil, Bhringraj, Mulethi, Goat’s milk, Brahmi, Heena, Bariyara, Padmakh, Anatmool and so on.

Company claims and usage direction: This nourishing oil is made from an old recipe which includes Sesame oil & Coconut oil and Herbal Extracts. This treatment is valuable to those with hair loss and scalp problems as it aids the growth of healthy hair, while effectively combating dandruff.

Price: INR 925 for 200 ml

My hair type, texture & color: Oily, Straight, Black.  (My hair is virgin & boring and I dare not do anything on it else my Mom will kill me), medium length

For Hair type: All hair types. Even if you have a sensitive scalp, being completely organic this won’t harm you though I suggest a patch test.

Other available variants: Forest Essential Brahmi Hair Oil and Forest Essential Almond Hair Oil

My verdict: Personally I feel all hair oil serve the purpose in its own way. Forest Essentials Bhringraj oil is pure cold pressed dark black, Ayurvedic oil that is Sesame based. Being a cold pressed oil means that the oil is naturally extracted from the seeds keeping its qualities intact. It does hydrate your scalp if you have a dry one and helps removing dandruff. (I made my husband the guniea pig as he fitted both the above criteria of dry scalp and dandruff) .For me it equally did a good job. I have the habit of oiling my hair, keeping it overnight and washing it the other day. Hence, I don’t prefer very heavy oil. This completely stood up to my expectation. It’s of medium density (towards the lighter side) and gave a soothing effect as well. Post wash with Body Shop Rain Forest Shampoo, I hardly faced any hair fall. Moreover I didn’t even have to use a conditioner and still got a brilliant result.


  1. Light on head
  2. Hydrates scalp and eradicates dandruff
  3. Old wine in new bottle of smart plastic packaging
  4. Controls hair fall
  5. You can buy small bottle of 50 ml for you to test before bulk purchase


  1. Hard on pocket
  2. Awful smell
  3. Limited availability of Forest Essentials Stores