Review of Yves Rocher - Express Makeup Remover for Sensitive Eyes with Cornflower

28/08/2014 16:00

How does one reminiscence a well spent holiday even days after it’s over??? Hmmm by using the stuff that you got while you shopped on your vacation (of course you can also reminiscence by just clicking through the pictures!!!!! So lame of me…He He)

Following the former, I got a hell lot of products from Yves Rocher, both for self and gifts. They were running their summer discount. I always feel Firangi discounts are much lucrative that the Desi ones. The discounts were really hefty.

Yves Rocher is a French Brand of Bath & Beauty just like Body Shop. All the products that I have used so far from them have been of super quality.  They also have make up products which I have not tried though. So next time you are in Europe or US don’t forget it get hold of this brand!

Yves Rocher Claims:

The Gentle Makeup Remover is specially formulated for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Its formula gently eliminates all traces of eye makeup, soothes and leaves behind a feeling of freshness!

- No rinsing necessary
- Formula tested under ophthalmological supervision.
- Paraben free formula


Actual price is 7.60 Euro/ 125 ml but got it under 50% discount. So the effective rate was 3.50 Euro (INR 270 approx.)  I should have picked more of these as at this price they are a steal here. (Mental note- SHOP MORE WHILE ON VACATION)

My Verdict:

It’s a Bi-phase Make up remover meant to remove eye make-up. It practically removes all traces of all sorts of make up in 2 -3 gentle swipes. Waterproof or water resistant, Yves Rocher Eye Make-up does what it’s meant to do with sheer genius. It does leave residual oil but that can be taken off by a wet wipe or gentle face wash. It has caused me no irritation or eye sore. In short I wish such makeup removes where available in India at these prices. Make up in India is so expensive!!!


  1. Removes every bit of & all sorts of eye make up
  2. Gentle on eyes and doesn’t cause irritation
  3. Paraben free
  4. Light on pockets
  5. Nice packaging


  1. The remover as claimed needs no rinsing. In my opinion it does, as it leaves back residual oil, but is totally manageable by a wet wipe or face wash.

Overall Recommendation:

Highly recommended.



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