Review of Maybelline Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner In Black (New 36 Hour Formula)

07/09/2014 18:34

I am obsessed with cat eye liners and keep looking for bold gel or pen liners. Off late I happened to try the gel eye liner from KIKO from my friend’s vanity, and I was bowled by it. None of the brands that I have tried was so richly black & satiny.  So If you happen to be in Europe do try out this pocket friendly Italian brand called KIKO which is surely at par with the MACs & Inglots !!! I also got a KIKO lipstick during my shopping spree in Italy.

So what do we do to get a pocket friendly yet quality make up product in India?? Hit a MAYEBELLINE Store!

My Bobbi Brown Gel eye liner had dried out and I was in look out for a gel eye liner that was not heavy on pocket, till I got some Duraline.

I have the previous version of Maybelline Gel Eye Liner too (IN Grey & Silver), so I was all the more eager to try the re-launched Maybelline Gel Eye Liner…So was it at par with Bobbi Brown Gel Eye Liner……..?????

Maybelline Claims:

Featuring a clear gel base and an oil-free formula, this eye liner holds highly concentrated pigments for intense, long-lasting color. This gel eye liner also comes with a unique tip brush that evenly spreads color in a single stroke.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

• Smudge-proof, water-proof eye liner last for up to 36 hours

• Has an oil-free formula that holds highly concentrated color pigments

• Offers intense color for a dramatic effect


INR 475

My Verdict:

Maybelline has been impressing us with all kind new launches and “maa-kasam” at “lajawab” pricing. The launched Gel Eye Liner is no different.

I like my eye liners to be jet black. Maybelline gel eye liner is richly dark and bold. A single swipe on the lid, and my eye stand out.

The gel is also neither dry, nor too creamy that the brush slips. It’s smooth and creamy to give an effortless but precise application.

It dries with in a fraction of seconds and stays there as it’s till I wipe it out with a good make up remover.

Other like-ables are it’s no feathering, no smudging properties.

The liner comes along with a brush that is same across mostly all the brands.

I also like the square glass pot packaging with a black cap.

At 475 it has all the features that a high end brand would have. Love. Period.


  1. Jet Dark Black appropriate for bold eye liners
  2. Creamy yet doesn’t slip while application
  3. Completely safe to be used in waterline
  4. Appropriate consistency
  5. Doesn’t smudge
  6. Doesn’t tug
  7. Easily usable brush
  8. Pocket friendly
  9. Beautiful packaging


None & None!

Overall Recommendation:

Maybelline Eye Studio® Lasting Drama™ Gel Eyeliner In Black is a perfect, flawless get eye liner and is a must have from Maybelline. If you love gel eye liners, then you should own one of these.



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