Review of MAC Select Cover Up Concealer

14/03/2014 00:04

This post is special. It’s my 100th post on the Born B. Who cares if I couldn’t strike that magic figure in my Board Exams (Not that I didn’t get good grades, I have always been a studious & hardworking girl, someday I will show you my nerdy teenage pics!).

Today its MAC Select Cover Up Concealer’s turn, which is one of the best of the lots available in India.

MAC Says:

“Liquid camouflage for the skin. Texture-free, virtually invisible. Comes in a tube. Blends in. Brightens and lightens dark areas, erases spots, evens-out skin tones. Makes skin flaw-free. Use pre-foundation, or on its own. Don't reveal it, conceal it!”. Comes in 13 shades. I use NC 45.


INR 1300 for 10 ml

My Verdict:

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer comes in a transparent mini tube with a nozzle opening and screw cap. A very convenient packaging both in terms of application, hygiene and travel. 

I have dry under eye but thankfully not very prominent dark circles. So the intention of a concealer is to cancel out whatever darkness present and naturally brighten up the under eye area. Also I expect the concealer to keep the skin hydrated.

MAC Select Cover is of medium consistency. A single dot sized product from single press is enough for both the eyes. Considering that fact, the tube will probably last me more than a year even I use it for 365 days. Once again speaking about the consistency, it’s neither very runny nor thick. You can use fingers or a fluffy brush to apply and blend the concealer. I prefer using my MAC 217 to dot and then blend, as a brush seamlessly blends the product touching every corner.  Also this blends effortlessly without any hassle or under eye cream.

The texture is smooth and creamy. The blending is not very tough and gives you the time to intermingle with the skin. But too long an exposure with the air does affect the blending property.

The concealer is sheer but buildable in nature. You can create sheer to medium coverage. In case you are looking out for tough hard dark circles, this may not be one for you or you may choose to apply a corrector underneath the concealer. This is surely an excellent product for an everyday use and in case you don’t want anything heavy duty, you can use this for special occasions as well.

I suppose Select Cover Up is also recommended for dry skinned girls like me. It keeps my under eye are hydrated for 4-5 and the concealer stays for 5-6 hours, post which I see it wearing out. But that doesn’t mean it cracks. Just fades. A powder up makes it lasts for 6-7 hours or even more at times. So, apparently it does stay for the entire day. In case, again if you are looking for something which has to last till the 12th hour you may want to consider something else.

There are 13 shades to choose from. The SA tried two closest shades on me and NC 45 suited me the best. I kept it for an hour to check the results and then finalized my order. I was also confused between MAC Sheer Cover and MAC Select . I tested both and this one came out to be a better one for any my dry under eyes. No cracking or settling in lines!!!

Till I find something spectacularly different and brilliantly effective, I am married to MAC Select Cover Up, my favorite!


  1. 13 shades to choose from
  2. Very light weight and thin consistency (by not runny)
  3. Smooth and creamy
  4. Blends easily both with finger and brush
  5. Keeps the skin hydrated for a considable amount of time
  6. Lasts long
  7. Good for daily wear
  8. Easy convenient packaging
  9. Sheer but buildable


  1. Price
  2. Light Coverage. May not conceal extreme dark circles or will require a corrector underneath.

Overall Recommendation:

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer comes in 13 shades which is good array of options. The shade   suits my sink tone perfectly to naturally cover up the dark circles and brighten the under eye area. The seamless blending quality and light weight makes it wearable for an every day look irrespective. Well pigmneted makes the quantity per use very less and somewhere justifies the cost. Recommended to the core!



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