Review of Inglot AMC Cream Concealer in Shade 70 and 73

17/02/2014 15:54

Concealers are like those magic wands that can immediately transform the look of a woman. Not that it’s the only thing to do or desire in life- Transforming looks. But I am sure you are understanding what I am talking about.

I don’t have crooked dark circles, but I if I am doing an eye make-up, all my focus is on the eye area, which tends to look darker if I don’t apply a concealer. Further, brightening of the under eye area always freshen ups the over-all appearance and I can skip a lot of make-up instead.

6 months back I got this concealer from Inglot, called Inglot AMC Cream Concealer in Shade 70 and 73 . I was so impressed by their AMC Foundation that I thought of giving their concealers a chance as well.

The SA suggested me combining two shades as none of the standalone shades could match my color.

Product Note by Inglot:

Rich in Vitamin A and E the Cream Concealer uses pigments and light to provide the SOFT FOCUS effect. (Don’t know what I am supposed to infer out of this.). It comes in 8 shades.

Price: INR 850 per 5.5 gm

My Verdict:

Before I proceed let me tell you that I have normal to dry under eye area. Not oily in general. The SA suggested the AMC range for dry skinned.

Inglot AMC comes in small round jar which is transparent with a black lid. It would require a concealer brush to fetch the product, mix (in my case) and apply on the under eye area.

The mixture of shades matched my complexion perfectly. Both the shades have yellow/orangish undertone.

The texture is very smooth and creamy, pretty much like MAC Select Cover-up Concealer. Though if I have to compare neck to neck and provide a reference, then I would say Inglot AMC  is thicker.

The concealer is very blend able. Either use a blending brush or just dab with finger. Bang on, it hides the dark circles. It gives light to medium coverage which is buildable.

But the actual story starts after an hour or so.

If I don’t top it up with some loose powder, the under eye are turn greasy. The kohl also transfers to these areas.

Further it also settles badly in the fine lines and cracks, irrespective of using a Compaq. It also tend to oxidize.

Overall, after an hour, the end results are NOT ACCEPTABLE. Though I have read good notes about this product in the blogosphere, it just doesn’t suit me. I have tried it with all the permutation and combinations. With a corrector, an under eye cream….seems like nothing works.

I have switched to MAC Select Cover Up, which till now is my go to go Concealer. I will talk about it in a separate post.

(On Left-With Inglot AMC Concealer, On Right-No Concealer)


  1. Have a range of shades, many comprising with yellow undertones that will suit majority of Indian complexions.
  2. Very Creamy and smooth
  3. Highly blend able


  1. Settles in fine lines
  2. Cracks badly
  3. Invariably require a concealer brush to pick up the product
  4. Oxidizes upon prolong stay on the skin

Overall Recommendation:

Inglot AMC concealers are positioned for girls with dry under area and comes in 8 shades.  Though being very creamy and blend able it settles in fine lines and cracks and tends to oxidize. I don’t recommend this, though not necessary what’s not worked for me will not work for you as well. If you wish to give this a chance, try it in the store, keep for couple of hours before making up your mind whether to buy or reject it!



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