Review of Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya age defying facial Serum with 24K Gold

01/02/2014 21:36

When the winters had started, my standard go to go night cream “Forest Essentials Sandalwood and Saffron Night Cream” just seemed to be not enough. I wanted something which was more hydrating and protected my skin from drying. I checked out the Forest Essentials store and was suggested the “Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya age defying facial Serum with 24K Gold “. Although this is categorized in the anti-ageing segment, it’s also supposed to be a very effective night cream, rather serum. I decided to take my chance and gamble my 2000 plus amount of money.

Company Claims:

This unique Ayurvedic recipe visibly diminishes the signs of ageing, as it eliminates fine lines and restores firmness. Amongst its incredibly effective ingredients is Ashwagandha, a plant used in traditional Indian medicines and regarded as a strong antioxidant with tremendous rejuvenating properties. Formulated with Black Sesame which keeps skin supple, soft and toned, Sweet almond oil which is the most nutritious adds glow and deeply moisturizes. Aged cow's milk Ghee gives a lusture to the skin and nourishes it while restoring firmness, increasing collagen and eliminating fine lines. Sandalwood retains moisture levels and is toning and purifying. Saffron extract gives the skin a warm glow. Turmeric is a strong anti-oxidant that prevents the ageing of the skin and evens out skin tone and colour. Liquorice is excellent for keeping skin moist and hydrated, Cow’s milk restores firmness and increases collagen production, 24 K Gold Bhasm is an excellent anti-oxidant and has the property of penetrating to the deepest layer of skin thereby providing radiance and increasing elasticity. This potent serum increases the production of collagen, dramatically improves elasticity, leaving the skin radiant with a satin texture. Continuous use for 6 to 8 weeks shows a noticeable improvement in the luminosity and texture of your skin.

Other Products In the Anti Ageing Range (Face cream/ Serum):

1. Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi

2. Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir

3. Soundarya Radiance Cream with 24 Karat Gold and SPF 25

Price: INR 2950 per 25 ml(Ouchhhh!!- I just hope as it contians gold, the ancient Elixir, the product price doesn't go up with the steap increase in Gold prices. Pun Intended!!1)

Shelf Life: 2 Years

My Verdict:

Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya age defying facial Serum with 24K Gold comes in a compact pump bottle with a golden cap which closes with a click. The branding appears very premium and translates luxury. Its travel friendly and full proof of unwanted oozing. The pump squirts appropriate amount of product per use.

In fact I didn’t believe when the SA told me to stick to just one pump per application. I mean how such a small quantity could cover my whole face to provide the desired hydration and other benefits. But I was amazed to find that she was correct. In fact if you go over the board, it can get a bit greasy.

The serum is dark brown in color with medium thick consistency which glides on my skin like a dream. It smells divine and mystic. 

It’s too early or inappropriate for me to comment on the anti-ageing properties. But as a night cream it’s extremely hydrating even during winters. The next day I always awaken with a supple, soft and hydrated skin.

As I am already 28, I have decided to continue with this night serum as an early start up. I shall update this space in case I see a remarkable difference in my appearance. But will I wait till I turn 35 to give an update. Doesn’t make sense right??!!!

Let’s see if this serum is a mutual fund or a life insurance policy. Assuming it’s a Life insurance policy, I have noticed that it also gives periodic payouts like a mutual fund, here are the immediate results that I observed with-in 5-6 weeks of regular usage:-

# Evening out of skin tone

# Reduction of pore size

# Minimizing the few white patches I have on my cheeks

# Complete hydration

# No break outsWhile I should also admit that when it comes to skin care/ repair, I am addicted to Forest Essentials products

The bottle will last surely last for 3 months upon daily usage which is substantial and soothes the heart considering that I had spent a bomb on it.


  • Old traditional Ayurvedic formula
  • Prepared by Natural oils, herbs and pure gold bhashma
  • 100 % natural, contains no synthetic color, synthetic fragrance, and synthetic preservatives
  • Very hydrating
  • Smells divine
  • Requires very less quantity per application
  • Will last 3 months
  • Anti-ageing product plus night cream combined in single product
  • Available online


  • Expensive
  • Limited stores

Overall Recommendation:

Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya age defying facial Serum with 24K Gold is a premium anti-ageing serum that is a good option to start early w.r.t. anti-ageing product. As a night cream it’s extremely hydrating and need not be topped with any other cream. The fragrance is mystic and will carry you to the Vedic times of India. It’s too early for me to comment on its anti-ageing properties but I have noticed an evening out of skin tone and reduced pore size appearance in 5 weeks of continuous usage. Overall I shall repurchase this.



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