Review of Facial Cleanser-Just Like Heaven From The House of Burst of Happyness.

11/12/2014 12:12

Key Ingredients:

kaolin clay, almonds, apricot kernel oil and avocado oil, vegetable glycerine, essential oil with no preservative.


 INR 380 for 100gm & INR 200 for 50gm respectively. Purchase HERE.

My Verdict:

Super thanks to my sister for gifting me this amazing product. Otherwise I would have continued using commonly used scrub from a known herbal brand. Initially I was apprehensive in using it but the packaging, pleasant smell and the ingredients were the driving force which pushed me to use it.

It’s an amazingingly ( I am not exaggerating) lovely vegan product and I am liking it to the fullest. Every time I use I thank my sister for introducing me to such a good thing!

The name is slightly ambiguous. I use it for cleansing and exfoliating only. Unlike other scrubs which leaves tiny humps and troughs after usage but this vegan product does not. It leaves your skin with porcelain smoothness finish and abundant lustre on the face.

The look of the mixture is coarse but the mixture is smooth to touch with different ingredients and a pleasant aroma which enliven your mood. That is a bonus. 

I take a full spoon of the mixture (wooden small spoon from FOREST ESSENTIAL) and mix it with rose water. It results into a consistent looking coarse paste. Apply and rub it on face and neck with circular stroke for 5 minutes approximately, leave for 2 minutes and then wash face with Luke warm water followed by toning, face pack and finally moisturizing. I use it every Sunday without fail.

PS:I have a normal to oily skin type but sensitive.

Benefits of Just Like heaven face cleanser:

Kaolin clay will gently draw impurities from the skin without removing natural oils while simultaneously exfoliating, cleansing, and stimulating circulation. Almonds provide gentle exfoliation and  nourish the skin as they contain high amount of vitamin E as well as several nutritious minerals.

Avocado Oil contains antioxidants and hence delays signs of ageing. It has a natural hydrating ability and is deeply absorbed by the squamous layer of the skin. Because of its chemical properties and its ability to retain water, avocado oil acts as an emollient, and promotes soft and supple tissue.

Apricot Kernel Oil is a light oil which is readily absorbed by the skin. It offers skin softening, regenerating and moisturizing properties and is very effective for dry skin. It contains an essential oil blend of ylang ylang, lavender to nourish and it smells good.


Pleasant Smell

Product is vegan

Absorption time is very less.

Leaves  the  skin smooth and radiant.

Easy carrying.


Always store in cool dry place only.

Can get easily spoil if proper care not taken while lifting from the container.

Usage instruction slightly not clear on the packaging.



Guest Review by Sutapa Sikdar...(By the surname, you might have guessed, yups she is my sister). She resides in Delhi and works for a leading online shopping brand. No,,I dont get free bies!!

Disclaimer- The picture is from the home site of Burst of Happiness.



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