Review of Chambor Transfer proof Eye Pencil in Dazzle

28/04/2014 14:33

Over a short course of time I was really envious of the lighter skin girls, coz brown eyeliner was not visible on my lids but their’ s. I know that’s really shallow of me! I was in search of the perfect brown that would be evident on my lids. So one fine day when I expressed my dismay on P&B, Mehak suggested me to go with the something with shine or shimmer like Chambor Dazzle.

So on my last visit to the Chambor store in R City Mall, I picked up this brown beauty.

Company Claims:

“Transfer-proof, precise and smooth application, long lasting, easy to use, non-comodogenic and dermatologically tested.”


INR 545 for 2.8 gm

My Verdict:

  • Shade: It’s a gorgeous brown shade that “dazzles”! Seriously, there could not have been a better name. The brown shade has so much of shine and light shimmers (not overpowering at all). This helps in making the brown visible on my skin tone as well has brightens up my eyes making them dazzling and sparkling!! The rich chocolate shade with the shine almost gives it a bronzy appearance. Nevertheless, this brown eye pencil is highly recommended for dusky beauties.
  • Texture: The texture is also very impressive, neither too creamy (I hate eye liners that slip) nor too hard (hate that tugs). Creamy enough to glide but doesn’t tug or look dried off on lids.
  • Pigmentation: One swatch is enough to sail me through the application. I do apply 2 swipes to get a more intense look.
  • Longevity: As claimed by Chambor its transfer proof and it surely is. Unlike million other kohls n kajals, it doesn’t transfer by itself from the upper lid to lower lid. Stays on without fading for 7-8 hours, which I feel is phenomenal.
  • Packaging: Comes in a twister pencil format. The twister is uni-directional, which I am not in favor of. As at times I twist such sticks too much and then wonder how to push it back. The pencil has a chocolate brown color plastic body with flower graphics on the cap. This makes my life easier to locate it in a bundle of other eye pencils.


  • Pretty shiny-shimmery brown shade that would suit all complexions and is a must have for dusky beauties who are still trying to figure out their perfect brown eye pencil.
  • Creamy and smooth yet doesn’t slip while application.
  • Doesn’t tug
  • Transfer proof
  • Long lasting
  • Distinct packaging


  • Uni-directional twister
  • Not much available online
  • Not recommended to be applied inside the eye (I was adventurous enough to unfollow that rule. It looked supper pretty and though didn’t irritate at all, the removal is a pain with fine shimmers still staying back on the waterline)

Overall Recommendation:

Chambor TransferProof Dazzle Eye Pencil is perfect chocolate brown shimmery eye pencil that would suit all complexions and is a must have for dusky beauties who are still trying to figure out their perfect brown eye pencil. The shimmers are not over powering making the whole look wearable both during the day and night. With its qualities like transfer proof, longer staying power, high pigmentation and super convenient application, the tag of INR 545 doesn’t affect so much.



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