Review and Swatches of NYX For your Eyes Only- Sexy Blue Eyes Palette

06/07/2013 13:42

It was my best friend’s wedding. It’s been 7 years since I have known her, as a batch mate, neighbor (our rooms were adjacent in the hostel), colleague, housemate and of course as a great friend. The wedding was in Delh in scorching heat of May and most of all I sweat like a pig!!! (pigs don’t sweat bdw).

So a full proof long lasting makeup was need of the hour, day and night. I was to wear a White and Blue Biba Anarkali for the Engagement party that was supposed to be in the evening and I had planned this smoky blue eyes with nude lips contemporary look. I bought NYX For your Eyes Only- Sexy Blue Eyes Palette online at

Tip: Always compare online prices of the products. Medplus was giving better discounts than Healthkart for this product.

No of shades: Ten

Price: INR 550. (That’s like INR 55 per shade…Wow!!!)

My verdict: This powder based eye shadow is well pigmented. All the colors in the Palette complement each other and is perfect for Indian tan skin tone. The shades in blue do lack lustre but is good for matte finish smoky eyes. Also for a longer sustenance its advisable you first apply a pain pot or a concealer as the base. I have absolutely liked the shades and is highly recommended.

First Row (Left to right): Navy Blue, light blue, Dark navy Blue, Sky Blue, Grey

Second Row (Left to right): Rice paper cream, Bronze, Copper, Metallic Beige, Golden

Below was my final look…Hope you girls liked it and in case you want me to do a tutorial on it, just lemme know !!!