PR: Nykaa Organizes Google Hangout with Skincare Expert 'Dr. Jaishree Sharad'

15/07/2014 23:01

Yesterday night, I along with Mr. Husband was busy doing a hangout with my sister-in-laws and brother-in-law. In true sense we are one big family, the “Hum Saath Aaath Hai” types…Oopps “Hum Saath Saath Hai” (we are family) types. Believe me or not all of them were shocked and started laughing at me..It seems I have tanned beyond recognition!! So given a chance now I would love to do hangout on like what Nykaa shall conduct. I would ask how do I get back to into my skin??

Nykaa Says:

Nykaa  believes in taking good care of your skin. Who understands this better than renowned skincare expert Jaishree Sharad?


On Thursday 17th July, you could win a chance to talk with Jaishree Sharad and let her answer all your skincare related questions.

You can join the hangout session with the expert from 12 pm to 1pm, and you can get all the advice on products that are safe for your skin, anti-ageing regimes etc. Grab this ideal opportunity and talk with the expert without the hassle of leaving your home.


All you have to do is just download the application beforehand and simply log on at the designated time.

Click the below for download:

You can also tune in on Nykaa's YouTube channel to catch the live broadcast of the session:

So have you set a reminder on your calender??!!!!



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