22/01/2014 12:40

I received my January Fab Bag yesterday. Practically, I had forgotten the subscription tenure and thus, was least expecting this bundle of joy.

The office boy got it for me at my desk with an irritated look, he could make out that it was a personal parcel which was making him divulge from his KRA of delivering us official parcels ONLY!

I opened it immediately to check what was in there to gladly find that this time there were more bath and body items. I am a bit hesitant in trying face products until I am very sure of it. All the items are Sample packs and supposedly would last 2 weeks of regular usage.

This is what I got:-

1. Naked Face and Day Cream by Lisa Haydon- I had read about this in one of the Vogue issues from 2013. The packaging is quite cute. And the fragrance is overwhelming. Would try this.

2. Nyassa Almond Body Butter- Not a big fan of the fragrance. Strong version of Johnson Baby cream. But will surely use it up.

3. Atmospure Super Mint Body Wash- Will stash it my travel kit.

4. MUA Intense Kisses High Intesify Lip Gloss in shade “Smooch”- Not for me at all. The shade will suit girls with pale lips. It also seemed to be an old stock item. Notice the old velvette branding on the product note?!! Unimpressive.



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